What did week one tell us that we didn’t already know?

What did week one tell us that we didn’t already know?
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What did we learn from week one of College ball?

SEC still dominates

Yes, there were some cupcake games in there but for those that chose a challenging first opponent, the rewards were high. Some mouth watering match ups turned into gold for the SEC on week one.

Bama, South Carolina, Georgia, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State and Florida all won their opening games. Unsurprisingly all seven have been ranked in the first AP ranking, the most for a single conference since the SEC had eight in 2016. Gold stars to the Tigers, both Auburn and LSU who took down the fancied Washington Huskies and Miami Hurricanes respectively. Auburn in particular looked very impressive and that defence will play a major part in determining who wins in the SEC West this year. SEC still dominates.

It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the Sooners

Baker Mayfield is no more in Norman, Oklahoma but during that Kyler Murray run in the 8th minute of the first quarter against FAU the crowd were on their feet. Baker who? At times Murray looked more like Manziel than Mayfield. More to come from the soon to be Oakland A? I surely hope so.

Who needs a Head Coach to win?

Both Maryland and Ohio State started their seasons with suspended Head Coaches sitting at home. Both won. It’s easy to sit here at 99 Yards Towers and be flippant but are their University Administrators wondering why they handsomely pay their Head Coaches? Perhaps.

Is this the Longhorn’s year?

Tom Herman mosied on into Austin hailed as the next Messiah. His time at Houston was heralded as something akin to a miracle. No one doubted the scale of the job to be done at Memorial Stadium and certainly last year underlined how difficult it would be to get the Longhorns back and heading in the right direction. But a Good 2018 recruiting class and the stratospheric expectations of playing ball in Texas, much was anticipated of Tom Herman’s Longhorns. Cue the first game of the season against a Maryland team without Head Coach (see above) and a 34-29 defeat to the Terrapins.  Let the Texan size over reaction commence. Texas back? Nope.

Never underestimate the Mountaineers

On the 11th anniversary of Appalachian State’s famous victory over Michigan at the Big House, some frankly, insane people wondered if the Mountaineers could repeat the feat this time around  visiting Happy Valley. Well folks for nearly 60 mins (58mins and 54 seconds to be precise) that was exactly what was happening. In a game that epitomised College football the Mountaineers had taken the Big Ten and dare I say it National Championship hopefuls and their fans at Penn State to the brink of a season end before it had started. It is perhaps too easy to say that a season hung in the balance at that stage but a loss to Appalachian State at any time of the season is going to leave a stain. With apologies to the Mountaineers (I salute you).

4th and 2 on the Mountaineers 40 yard line is not where you want to be to save your season but Penn’s Trace McSorley dug his team out of one huge big West Virginian hole. I like McSorley and he should be in the frame for the Heisman in November but let’s not start that nonsense talk in September. And not on the back of a narrow win over the Appalachian State Mountaineers. No Siree Bob. Mountaineers rock.

Saint Nick ain’t so Saintly

When ESPN’s Maria Taylor asked Nick Saban about his choice of quarterback at the end of his team’s victory over Louisville the world was aware that this was not the first time Saban had been asked about his duellin’ QB’s. What I don’t believe Maria foresaw was Nick’s less than Saintly response. This is what happens when the same question is asked 200 times. Saban laid down a marker. Don’t ask me this again. Taylor’s response was classy and non confrontational. Kudos to Maria. Cool as a Georgia Bulldawg can be.

As starts to the season go, this was rootin’ tootin’ stuff. But week two promises us more. And we want more? Oh yes!

Photo credit: The Daily Collegian – PSU Edu

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