Ninety-Nine Yards Writers – Week 1 Predictions

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Each Saturday, the Ninety-Nine Yards crew will give you their combined predictions for the week-end action throughout the 2018 NFL Season. Below are the teams predictions for week 1.

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens – One of the few games of the week where the team are unanimous in their selection; it’s Baltimore all the way as the Bills start the season rooted to the basement of the AFC East which may well be a position they will become accustomed to throughout this season. (Ravens by 6)

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Giants – Not quite a clean sweep for the Jags as all but one predict a win for Blake Bottles and teammates as last seasons AFC Championship runners-up try and go at least one stage further in 2018 as they leave the Meadowlands with a road win. (Jaguars by 6)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints – The first predicted blow-out of the season and this one hurts being a Bucs fan and despite the fact that I think this game will be closer than my colleagues predict, Tampa are written off in the Mercedes Super Dome as New Orleans start off the season with a double digit winning margin. (Saints by 12)

Houston Texans v New England Patriots – A surprisingly close affair is predicted but it’s the Pats who just sneak it at home against their AFC rivals by a touchdown. (Patriots by 6)

San Francisco 49 ers v Minnesota Vikings – Jimmy G can’t remain undefeated and his untarnished record will be in pieces on sunday evening as the Purple People Eaters start their campaign to get back to the play-offs with a home win. (Vikings by 9)

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins – A tight affair is on the cards between these two AFC rivals. In a match which could go either way, it’s the Titans who sneak out a win on the road. (Titans by 3).

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts – the team are split on this one but it’s the Bengals who sneak a win and spoil the return of the Colts QB, Andrew Luck. (Bengals by 3)

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns – With all the talk about Le’Veon-will-he-or-wont-he-turn-up-Bell, it’s easy to forget that the Steelers have a game this week. Pittsburgh manage to put the Running Back saga to the side as they continue the Browns winless streak and walk off with a win. (Steelers by 3)

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers – A fascinating game is on the cards in LA as the Chargers impressive D face off against the Chiefs dynamic O. Another close split decision where the Chargers are predicted to their campaign with a narrow victory. (Chargers by 3)

Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos – I’m predicting a better than expected season for the Seahawks, but the overwhelming prediction by the team in this fixture is an opening day victory for Denver against an all-changed Seahawks Defense. (Broncos by 6)

Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers – A straight sweep for Carolina as the Cowboys have been written off in week 1 as Cam Newton leads his team to an opening victory against Dallas. (Panthers by 6)

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals – The third NFC East loss of the day as the Redskins join the Giants and Cowboys with an 0-1 record as the Cards record a win on David Johnson’s return to the starting line-up. (Cardinals by 7)

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers – Fuelled by the return of Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay complete a clean sweep from the team as Chicago – despite the addition of Kalil Mack, are written off. It’s a winning start in Lambeau for the Cheeseheads. (Packers by 9)

New York Jets v Detroit Lions – The Jets will be far more competitive in 2018 and will be hoping that Sam Darnold is the answer to their Quarterback woes , however, it’s Detroit who start off the season with a W in the Motor City. (Lions by 7)

Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders – The last game of the week 1 schedule and the final blow-out predicted by the team as the Rams are expected to win by the barrowload as Chucky’s first game as Head Coach in over a decade ends in a beat-down. (Rams by 12)

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