Ninety-Nine Yards Writers – Week 2 Predictions

Ninety-Nine Yards Writers – Week 2 Predictions
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Before the Ninety-Nine Yards crew give you their predictions for week 2, time for a quick recap of the week 1 predictions. Out of the 15 games played on Sunday and Monday, the combined effort of the team predicted a fairly mediocre 9 out of 15, although we could claim to have predicted 9 out of 14 as we can forget the result in the Steelers v Browns game as, lets face it, who predicts a tie in the NFL?

So can we do better in week 2? We should as we have had the advantage of seeing the week 1 performances. So read on if you want to find out the results of this weeks fixtures………

There are no easy games in the NFL but the following six games are as near as you can possibly get to a surefire win; Chargers, Saints, Rams, 49ers, Broncos and Giants. All six teams predicted to win by double digits against their respective opponents. What do all their opponents have in common? None of them won their season opener. Expect the Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Lions, Raiders and Cowboys to be sitting with a big zero in the win column after two weeks.

After these six games, the remaining nine games being played over the course of Sunday and Monday are predicted to be much closer affairs. Although not a unanimous decision, the following teams are expected to walk off with a week 2 win; Texans, Jets, Redskins, Jags and Bears are should win their encounters against the Titans, Dolphins, Colts, Patriots (who very rarely show their true form in the month of September) and Seahawks.

The final group of games are split decisions with the odd vote in seven being the deciding factor. The Panthers, Packers, Chiefs, and Eagles are predicted winners but don’t be surprised to see any of the Falcons, Vikings, Steelers, or Bucs pick up a week 2 win.

Full predictions are:-

  • Falcons @ Panthers – Panthers by 3
  • Chargers @ Bills – Chargers by 13
  • Vikings @ Packers – Packers by 3
  • Texans @ Titans – Texans by 4
  • Browns @ Saints – Saints by 10
  • Dolphins @ Jets – Jets by 3
  • Chiefs @ Steelers – Chiefs by 4
  • Eagles @ Bucs – Eagles by 3
  • Colts @ Redskins – Redskins by 4
  • Cardinals @ Rams – Rams by 14
  • Lions @ 49ers – 49ers by 10
  • Raiders @ Broncos – Broncos by 11
  • Patriots @ Jaguars – Jags by 4
  • Giants @ Cowboys – Giants by 10
  • Seahawks @ Bears – Bears by 6

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