Return of the Mack – Khalil Mack Named DPOTM

Return of the Mack – Khalil Mack Named DPOTM
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Khalil Mack’s arrival in Chicago has been nothing short of groundbreaking for the NFC North natives. He’s been pivotal in elevating their defence to no.1 in the league and looks to be a dominant force on the D-line.

In just 4 weeks, Mack has amassed 17 combined tackles and 5 sacks on the quarterback. Furthermore, his 24 pressures have been effective in throwing the quarterback off his game, evidenced in the Bears’ destruction of the Buccaneers on Sunday. For further statistics, Khalil Mack has forced 4 fumbles, including recovering  a strip-sack of his own against the Green Bay Packers, which was incredible to say the least. He also converted a pick-six at the hands of DeShone Kizer in the same week 1 game.

Mack’s hard work has not gone unnoticed, with the NFL selecting him as NFC Defensive Player of the Month.

Belief is sky-high in the Bears’ locker room right now, evidenced by Khalil’s conversation with the Chicago Tribune earlier this week: “We’ve got the potential to do something special. It’s a cool vibe here right now.”

This guest piece has been written by Greg Forbes. Greg is a Pittsburgh Steelers who not only has love for his team but the NFL itself too. You can follow Greg over on Twitter at @G29750721.

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