Giant Changes in New York

Giant Changes in New York
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Five days removed from the trade deadline it appears that the New York Giants, A once greatly feared outfit, are embarking on a serious rebuild. 

After losing a fourth consecutive game to the Atlanta Falcons on this week’s edition of Monday Night Football, the Giants find themselves slumped at the bottom of the NFC East with a win/loss record of, 1-6. Furthermore, with evident decay within the roster, most notably Eli Manning’s catastrophic decline in ability, Pat Schurmur and co. believe it’s finally time to renovate a failing giant of the past. 

But at what cost? 

Eli Apple to the Saints

The New Orleans Saints bolstered their defence on Tuesday with the addition of Eli Apple. A former 1st round pick, Apple struggled to find form in New York, however he feels the trade can be a fresh start for his career. Speaking with media earlier today, he stated: “It’s a great organization here, a lot of great players, too. So, I just can’t wait to come in and contribute.”

In exchange for the trade, the Giants received a fourth-round pick in 2019 and a seventh-round pick in 2020. Despite many critics’ opinions who would argue that Apple is a “bust”, some argue that the Saints definitely won this deal. Mostly because the addition fortifies an already solid defence on a team that is destined to make the playoffs at the very least. 

The Lions Make A Blockbuster Trade

In a move that shook the NFL world to it’s core, the Detroit Lions made a play for Damon “Snacks” Harrison. Unbelievably, for as little as a 2019 fifth-round pick.

(A heartfelt goodbye from Harrison, who has spent his 7-year career in New York.)

The 2017 PFF Run Defender of the Year is unrivalled at the nose tackle position. He has been the top run-stop tackler for three years straight, tallying 138 stops prior to the 2018 season, as well as boasting the league-leading run-stop percentage from 2013-2016, according to PFF. Furthermore, the 2016 All-Pro is incredibly disruptive at the line of scrimmage, which is another major positive for the Lions who have struggled immensely as of late, with their defensive line being amongst the worst in the NFL. Lastly, as of now, Harrison is tied second in run-stoppage with 16 stops already thus far. 

Evidently, the Lions have produced an absolute steal. But for the Giants, the only plausible explanation for this trade, and the accepting of such a low offer, would be to increase salary cap space. By trading Harrison, they will free more than $8 million for next season. 

The organisation now hold 9 draft picks for the upcoming draft and look to further expand on their draft capital within the next five days, with Janoris Jenkins garnering attention from many playoff contenders, notably the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

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