An East West Divide: The CFL playoffs are almost set.

We’ve recently been looking at who will be in and who will be out of the upcoming CFL playoffs. CFL playoff picture

As discussed already, we knew that Toronto and Montreal would not be making an appearance. We just didn’t know who would be joining them on the outside looking in. Now we do, – the home town Grey Cup hosts Edmonton. This will be the first time they miss the playoffs since 2013.

Previously we knew five teams were definitely in. Now we can add the final piece to that jigsaw as Winnipeg’s win over Calgary saw them take the last spot.

Who’s definitely in?

  • Calgary Stampeders
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • Ottawa REDBLACKS
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  • BC Lions
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Who’s definitely out?

  • Montreal Alouettes
  • Toronto Argonauts
  • Edmonton Eskimos

Who’s on the bubble?

  • Nobody now!

What happens now?

The East is done. Ottawa and Hamilton are both in the playoffs. Ottawa won against Hamilton for the second week in a row to confirm first place in the East Division. They will host the Eastern Final on November 18th.

Hamilton will now definitely finish second in the division. The Tiger-Cats will host the Eastern Semi-Final  on November the 11th. They will face the western Crossover team, and thanks to Winnipeg winning and BC losing that means Hamilton’s opponents will be the BC Lions.

The West is much clearer after the week 20 slate of games. We already know the BC Lions will face Hamilton. We also know that Winnipeg will finish third in the division and will be the away team in the Western Semi-final on November the 11th.

The rest of who goes where will be decided by who wins the Western Division. A few weeks ago you would not have looked past Calgary for this. Three defeats later and Saskatchewan could take the title from them.

It all comes down to the final game of the regular season on Sunday. If the Stamps win in BC they win the division. They would get the bye into the Western Final. If they lose the game then the Roughriders will win the division and host the Western Final.

So much to play for on the last game of the CFL season. It’s like a schedulers dream come true. Just to add to the sense of occasion this will be Wally Buono’s last regular season home game with the Lions. Not to be missed!


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