Green Bay vs. Miami – Packers A Lambeau Lock This Sunday?

Green Bay vs. Miami – Packers A Lambeau Lock This Sunday?
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Entering this week 10 fixture between the Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins, the Packers remain stout favourites. However, that probably works in the Dolphins’ favour who generally play up to the bigger competition and then lose when they should probably win. 

That said, Aaron Rodgers will be out for revenge after losing the battle of the 12’s less than a week ago. Although, the Dolphins do have a chance of forcing an upset. Here’s exactly how:

Defensive Domination

The Dolphins are currently leading the league in interceptions with 15 so far, and they’ll be vital as ever in this game too. They can rely on rookie cornerback Minkah Fitzpatrick to provide lockdown coverage, as well as the ability to intercept Rodgers in the game. Furthermore, linebacker Kiko Alonso has been absolutely dominate thus far with 83 tackles and 3 interceptions already, so he’ll be key as the field general in the game.

More importantly, the defence must pressure Aaron Rodgers in order to force turnovers in the game. Cameron Wake in particular has been inconsistent through injury in the early season, however, his 2 sacks last week will provide a much needed boost to his confidence. Additionally, fellow DE, Robert Quinn, must mark his presence in the game, or Rodgers will be able to pick apart the defence. 

Offensively, the key for the Dolphins remains in the unsteady hands of Brock Osweiler. With that in mind, utilising play-action passes and short dink-and-dunk routes will be effective in reducing pressure on Osweiler, as well as preventing any forced passes. Furthermore, the Phins should feed Frank Gore the ball consistently as he can be unstoppable from the backfield at times. Keeping control of the ball and utilising the play clock to full effect is the key for the Dolphins in this one. 

Go Pack Go-ing Home With A Win 

On the other hand, the Green Bay Packers should see this one out. 

Firstly because they behold arguably the best quarterback in the game, Aaron Rodgers. In addition, they can take advantage of mismatches in the outfield with dynamic talents like Davante Adams, Jimmy Graham and Marquez Valdez-Scantling.

Finally, the Packers should give Aaron Jones multiple opportunities to run with the rock, especially coming off a solid week despite fumbling the ball against the Patriots in week 9. This should also provide him with a chance to avenge his mistake. 

Defensively, there are a number of liabilities in honesty. Particularly in terms of the defensive backs. In spite of that, it’s obvious that play-calling has been fairly poor in recent weeks. Thus, defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine, must find a way to maximise the talent he has been given. 

Conclusively, I still feel that the Packers should and will win this fixture. However, it will be a lot closer than most think. Essentially it comes down to who wins in the turnover battle. Therefore, with Brock Osweiler at the helm, there’s likely to be a few interceptions thrown.

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