College Rankings React – O.U. is I.N ​

College Rankings React – O.U. is I.N ​
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The final games have been played, the curtain has fallen on the 2018 College Football regular season. For some it was joyous, whilst others will want to quickly shift their focus to 2019. The biggest moves of Championship Weekend game around the number 4 spot; as Oklahoma beat Texas to win the BIG12 and sneak into the Top 4.

Underdogs fail to create chaos

It was a championship weekend the favourites will remember fondly; as all the Power 5 conference title games were won by the favourite. This coupled with a UCF comeback victory meant the top ten saw very little change. This lack of change has been a theme of rankings season this year. Alabama and Clemson have been dominant, Notre Dame struggled at times but still remained undefeated and Oklahoma benefited from inconsistency in the teams around them.

One Semi-Final stands out

The mouthwatering match-up between Alabama and Oklahoma overshadows the other semi final. Fans will be waiting feverishly on injury news from Alabama on starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Denying fans a face off between the two Heisman favourites would be a cruel twist of fate; especially in a season where the two players have lit up the college world. However, even if Tua fails to recover the tide have former National Championship winning quarterback Jalen Hurts to guide them through the playoff. Whatever happens, this will be an incredibly exciting game.

Case for Eight

With both the PAC-12 and the BIG10 champions not present in this seasons playoff; and a real case for two loss SEC runner up to be included over BIG12 champ Oklahoma. It could be time to move towards an eight team format, here’s how I’d work it.

Quarter Finals

Rose Bowl – BIG10 Champ vs PAC-12 Champ
Sugar Bowl – SEC Champ vs BIG12 Champ
Orange Bowl – ACC Champ vs Leading Group of 5 Team
Fiesta Bowl – At Large #1 vs At Large #2
Cotton Bowl – Rose Bowl Winner vs Fiesta Bowl Winner
Peach Bowl – Sugar Bowl Winner vs Orange Bowl Winner
Championship Game – Cotton Bowl Winner vs Peach Bowl Winner
I’ve tried to maintain the bowl tie ins for this scenario as to not totally destroy the traditions formed over years of bowl appearances. Here is how I predict this year would play out…
Rose Bowl – Ohio State Beats Washington
Sugar Bowl – Alabama Beats Oklahoma
Orange Bowl – Clemson Beats UCF
Fiesta Bowl – Georgia Beats Notre Dame
Cotton Bowl – Ohio State Beats Georgia
Peach Bowl – Alabama Beats Clemson
Championship – Alabama Beats Ohio State
I prefer this system because everyone gets a shot, if you win your conference you’re in. However, the Group of Five and Notre Dame (or another independent) have a real chance to get in. There will questions over whether Washington deserves to get in, however I think this system will also begin to balance the talent levels in the conferences again. A weaker conference becomes a recruiting plus point.
This is sure to divide opinion, let me know what you think.

​Image Courtesy of College Football Playoff

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