Ninety Nine Yards – Writers highlights of 2018

Ninety Nine Yards –  Writers highlights of 2018
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As the final hours of 2018 tick by, the chat at the tinsel-festooned Ninety Nine Yards Towers has turned to what a fantastic year it was for football.

For a bit of fun we decided to collate the highlights from our writers and share them.  Disclaimer – opinions are definitely of the writers and given the likelihood of sherry consumption at this time of the evening, to be taken with a pinch of salt.

But here goes……

Liz Bhandari (Editor in Chief, “The Boss”) : “Seeing my Seahawks play!/ Meeting the Seahawks players back in July/ Kicking off 99yrds back in March”. GS Note : Liz likes the Seahawks in case you hadn’t noticed.

Greg Forbes (NFC North) : “Meeting Derwin James”.  GS : Greg is a man of few words.

Alex Chinery (College) : “The hush inside Wembley as the crowd realised the Titans were going for two to try and win the game!”.  GS: Alex has elected to ignore the groan of the crowd upon fluffing the 2 pt conversion.

Shona Duthie (NFC West: Meeting Josh Lambo, my future husband and father of my children (Shona follows this by “Sorry did I say this out loud”…!)/ “interviewing Pete Carroll at his Press Conference”/ “When I did the Techno Thursday dance with Neiko Thorpe!”. GS: Shona LOVES the Seahawks in case you hadn’t noticed.

Ryan Conway (AFC West) : “Eric Reid getting a job/ I called Tyreek Hill getting over 1,400 yards (Just sayin 😏)”. GS: Unsurprisingly none of Ryan’s highlights involve his beloved Packers, but we all thought Cam Newton’s hat wardrobe would have got a mention.

Stuart Anderson (NFC South) : “My highlight. Watching Fitzmagic destroy the Saints in the season opener.” GS: And yes folks that was in fact the highlight of the entire Bucs season.

Jonno Payton (Deputy Editor) : “My highlight was when the Cowboys defense stuffed the Saints offense 10 days after the Rams Chiefs game. Never thought we’d see a performance like that this year or for the next few. Then the Bears did it against the Rams”. GS: Jonno is a hard man to please. Being a Jets fan means he is never pleased.

Oli Hodgkinson (College & AFC North) : “Without being too sentimental my football highlight of the year was definitely when Liz e-mailed me to say my first article was going to be published and it started me on this cool journey where I’ve got to get to know a load of cool folk whilst chatting about the sport I love. Happy new year to you all!”. GS: Oli is flattering his way to the top. Clearly Oli’s days are numbered…….

Duncan Terry (Deputy Editor) : “Interviewing Walter Jones/ the noise of the 12th man at Wembley, which was incredible”. GS: If you haven’t worked out that there are too many Seahawks sympathisers writing for your favourite blog this should seal it.

Ben Rolfe (AFC South) : “Yeah the titans come back and going for two, only for there to be a flag and them having to go for it again is right up there for me”. GS: Ben Rolfe revels in the nearly men scenario. But being a Pats fan he never has to be the nearly man ( well except Super Bowl LII, but we aren’t allowed to talk about that).

Chris Lawton (Canadian Football League) : “John Gott chugging a beer post TD or amidst a threadbare season that Argos last play 42-41 win v Ottawa”. GS: Let’s be honest John Gott wins TD celebration of the year with that display.

George Somerville (College) : the two bizarrely similar fairytale endings to Alabama’s victories over Georgia in 2018/ Doing my first NFL press conference (Titans)/ Being in AT&T when Baker Mayfield was declared the #1 draft pick. GS : The good thing is that the end of 2018 will mean the end of GS talking about his time at the Draft. Maybe.

Well there you go folks. The highlights of 2018 as brough to you by the writers. We hope that you enjoyed 2018 as much as we did and we all look forward to an action packed, exciting, close run 2019.

Happy New Year!

Photo Credit : Pro Football Hall of Fame

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