NFL Mock Draft: 99 Yards Edition

NFL Mock Draft: 99 Yards Edition
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It’s finally here! The day that college football and the NFL merge as the future stars of American Football find their professional home. The 2019 NFL Draft officially kicks off in Nashville at 01:00 UK time.

After months of speculation, rumours, leaks and analysis, everything that you thought you knew is about to be blown apart. Just one trade or unexpected pick could derail the whole thinking behind the process.

Just two weeks ago, your 99 yards college football team sat down with resident special teams savant, Greg Forbes, and mocked out our final version of the way we think it could go down tonight in Nashville.

As always with our mock drafts there were no trades allowed. Also, take in to consideration that we recorded the podcast of the mock (available from all good podcast providers) before the trade between Seattle and Kansas City for Frank Clark.

So, without further rambling, here it is in all its, erm, glory!

#1. Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray – QB – Oklahoma

Greg Forbes: He tested pretty adequately at the NFL Combine. He’s 5’10 so that put a lot of GM’s worries to rest. He’s got the dynamic, game changing ability that you want in a quarterback. He can do almost everything. He can scramble, he’s got a big arm on him, the sky’s the limit for him.

#2. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa – Edge – Ohio State

George Somerville: At this point the 49ers can’t believe their luck that Bosa has fallen to the number two spot although it’s been talked about for some time. If you’re the 49ers and you can team him up with Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander that becomes a really potent defence.

#3. New York Jets: Josh Allen – Edge – University of Kentucky

Oliver Hodgkinson: I don’t think Josh Allen is that far behind Nick Bosa in terms of true talent. Josh Allen is going to be an elite edge rusher, at the NFL level, for years to come. His college production has got better each year which suggests he hasn’t reached the ceiling of his talent. AFC East quarterbacks beware.

#4. Oakland Raiders: Drew Lock – QB – Missouri

Alex Chinery: Gruden coached Lock at the Senior Bowl and spoke very highly of him. Lock might be the best deep ball thrower in this class. He’s got decent mechanics, he makes good decisions and he’s got room for improvement. Lock is a low floor, decent ceiling, quarterback prospect.

#5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Devin White – LB – LSU

GF: He’s great in coverage, he’s an amazing tackler and statistically he’s increased his level of production every year. In the last two seasons he’s had 25.5 tackles for loss. He does everything. He can blitz off the edge, he can blitz up the inside. Devin White can do everything.

#6. New York Giants: Quinnen Williams – DT – Alabama

GS: This is all down to him being the best player available. The Giants have issues all over the shop. The Giants need a lot of help on defence and you don’t give up Quinnen Williams if he’s available.

AC: Williams is the number one player on my big board.

#7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jonah Williams – OT – Alabama

OH: He is not everyone’s favourite choice of tackle in the draft. However, for me, I prefer Jonah Williams [over Jawaan Taylor]. I prefer his play. I prefer his versatility. He can play tackle but he could also push inside and play guard. He’s going to protect Nick Foles for years to come.

#8. Detroit Lions: Rashaan Gary – Edge – Michigan

AC: I found Gary I really hard evaluation, as I don’t think he’s an all out edge rusher. He doesn’t have the bend and production. What I think he can be is an interior force on the defensive line. He can be really disruptive. What’s better than having one Trey Flowers type player? Having another one.

#9. Buffalo Bills: DK Metcalf – WR – Ole Miss

GF: He looks like the guy who is prone to injuries but could be the best player on the field every single game. He’s a generational type talent. He’s got amazing speed, size and agility which makes him an elite red zone threat.

#10. Denver Broncos: Ed Oliver – DT – Houston

GS: I have said repeatedly that this man is a top ten pick and I’m determined to get him in there! Ed Oliver brings flexibilty, you can play him at a number of different positions and he’s a top ten talent.

#11. Cincinnati Bengals: Devin Bush – LB – Michigan

OH: Linebacker is the true number one need for the Bengals. Devin Bush is the second best linebacker in the class. He’s been a part of a great defensive unit at Michigan alongside Gary and Winovich. He’s a true leader of men and the Bengals are sorely in need of leadership. He can be that guy.

#12. Green Bay Packers: Brian Burns – Edge – FSU

AC: No one is shocked when I say that Burns is the number one edge in the class for me. He has the most potential in the class with Von Miller type bend and build. He’s got elite quickness off the edge and is insanely long in his upper body. That should lead to lots of strip sacks in the NFL.

#13. Miami Dolphins: Montez Sweat – Edge – Mississippi State

GF: Montez Sweat is an absolute freak athlete. He’ll be a franchise player for the next few years to come. He’s an absolute beast. He gets in behind the line of scrimmage almost every single play and he can be a perennial pro bowler in the future.

#14. Atalanta Falcons: Christian Wilkins – DT – Clemson

GS: I don’t think there’s any doubt that with Dan Quinn working on the defence, it’ll be a defence player picked here. The benefit of Wilkins is that he’s an incredibly agile and mobile tackle. So, I think you pair him up with Grady Jarrett which will be an impressive interior line duo.

#15. Washington Redskins: Dwayne Haskins – QB – Ohio State

OH: The Redskins can’t believe he’s still here. The general consensus is that the Giants pick him up at #6. They obviously signed Case Keenum and they have Alex Smith. Haskins will possibly get some time to learn from these guys but could challenge Keenum for the starting job very quickly.

GS: Washington is where NFL players go to die.

#16. Carolina Panthers: Jawaan Taylor – OT – Florida

AC: I’m not sure how Taylor has fallen this far. Maybe there’s some concerns because he was a career right tackle at Florida, but when you’ve got guys rushing off the left edge, having someone like that to protect Cam Newton is key. He’s plug and play day one.

#17. New York Giants: Daniel Jones – QB – Duke

GF: I can just see this happening unless they trade up to get Haskins. Jones has got a good build for an NFL quarterback and he’s deceptively athletic. He’s got a good arm on him but his accuracy isn’t that good. Maybe sitting out a year under the guidance of Eli Manning, maybe he turns into the next big thing.

#18. Minnesota Vikings: Chris Lindstrom – IOL – Boston College

GS: There’s no question that the Vikings need to address the offensive line. What Lindstrom has got is the potential to step right in as a starter.

AC: AJ Dillon [Boston College running back] had a really good season and a lot of that came on the o-line. Lindstrom opened up some big holes for him and Dillon enjoyed running behind him.

#19. Tennessee Titans: TJ Hockenson – TE – Iowa

OH: Delanie Walker isn’t getting any younger. How is Hockenson still here at 19? He is an absolute specimen at tight end and can do everything and anything. Good luck trying to stop him!

#20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Byron Murphy – CB – Washington

AC: The Steelers fill a position of need in Byron Murphy. He can come in and play zone, play nickel and play press man. He’s got a great history and a great teaching from that corner back school at Washington.

#21. Seattle Seahawks: AJ Brown – WR – Ole Miss

GF: AJ is absolutely amazing to be honest with you. All I can see in his tape is JuJu Smith-Schuster. He stretches the field vertically, he can go across the middle, he’s an amazing route runner and he’s got great hands.

#22. Baltimore Ravens: Garrett Bradbury – IOL – NC State

GS: Stick Garrett Bradbury in front of Lamar Jackson and he helps out immediately. What the Ravens need to do is keep Jackson on his feet and Bradbury helps out in that respect.

#23. Houston Texans: Cody Ford – OT – Oklahoma

OH: Who knows whether Ford plays tackle or guard in the NFL. Who cares? I think he can play both easily and comfortably. Ford has spent the last two years blocking for Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. He will be a day one starter and help protect Watson for the next few years.

#24. Oakland Raiders: Clelin Ferrell – Edge – Clemson

AC: They pick up one of the cleanest edge evaluations I have ever seen. Everything he has, all the skill set he has, the bend, the pass rush moves, all the technical bits of his game are incredibly sound. He performs well in big games and big moments.

#25. Philadelphia Eagles: Greedy Williams – CB – LSU

GF: First off, I want to say there’s some big concerns and one of those is his willingness to tackle sometimes. Apart from that his upside is amazing. He’s got the length, speed, fluidity and he’s a ball hawk. He just needs to bring that game all together.

#26. Indianapolis Colts: Jeffrey Simmons – DT – Mississippi State

GS: Here’s the great debate. The Colts are desperately searching for that dominant player on the interior defensive line, and you’ve still got a significant number of those guys on the board. If Simmons didn’t have his injury then he would be a top three pick. I think picking him in the first round is a statement that he’s a top player and I think he helps out the Colts. The question is, is he fit?

#27. Oakland Raiders: Noah Fant – TE – Iowa

OH: Jon Gruden loves a tight end! The Raiders tight end room isn’t particularly strong at the moment. Fant certainly used the combine to re-elevate his draft status. He was an absolute monster at the combine. Like Hockenson, he can do anything and everything.

#28. Los Angeles Chargers: Andre Dillard – OT – Washington State

AC: A great tackle from Washington State. Great in the passing game, he’s played so many passing snaps in his career. Slide him in to a passing offence like the Chargers, with a great quarterback like Philip Rivers, keep him upright and he’s going to win you games. He’s got great feet and has great pass protection.

#29. Kansas City Chiefs: Dexter Lawrence – DT – Clemson

GF: Obviously his draft stock will be impacted by the failed drug test but in terms of his ability as a football player, that’s unquestionable. He’s a great fit at nose tackle. He will be a day one starter and a steal.

#30. Green Bay Packers: Jonathan Abram – S – Mississippi State

GS: What the Packers are really missing in the secondary is a leader and Jonathan Abram coming in will immediately rectify that.

#31. Los Angeles Rams: Dalton Risner – OT – Kansas State

OH: Risner is an aggressive, nasty, pass blocker, run blocker. He’s going to do everything on the o-line for the Rams. Whether that be protecting Goff or opening up lanes for Todd Gurley

#32. New England Patriots – Chase Winovich – Edge – Michigan

AC: I love Chase Winovich! He’s an elite production player with great traits, great bend and athleticism. He had over 15 sacks in his time at Michigan. A perfect Patriots pick, the guy you love to hate with that long blonde hair and the way he plays.

With that the 2019 Ninety Nine Yards mock draft is in the books. We are just hours away from finding out how much genius is in our midst, or just how wrong we were!

@NinetynineYards will be your one stop shop for all your NFL Draft needs tonight. You can also follow myself @ojhodgkinson, George Somerville @georgesomerville, Alex Chinery @iamalexchinery, and Greg Forbes @red_scox for more quality college football and NFL content.

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