Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Josh Allen

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Josh Allen
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The Jacksonville Jaguars came into this draft with a relatively wide range of needs. They needed help on their offensive line and more talent at their offensive skill positions. The one place they did not really need a huge amount of help was defensively. They ranked fifth last year in net yards per pass allowed, but did struggle against the run. However, the way the Jaguars got to the AFC Championship game was to build a strong defence, built around their pass rush. That is exactly the way they went with this pick, selecting the extremely talented Josh Allen out of Kentucky.

The Fit

This one is interesting because the Jaguars already had Yannick Ngakoue and Calais Campbell as defensive ends. However, depth at the position was a major issue and Allen definitely gives them that. Interestingly Allen is more of a 3-4 type player and the Jaguars have generally ran a 4-3 scheme over the last few years. This pick makes them more versatile in their scheme, and may allow them to use more 3-4 type sets.

They also need help against the run and Allen does that. He was a consistent player who reads and reacts well to the run game at Kentucky. He can also drop back into coverage if the Jaguars want to get funky. The other important thing here is Allen’s character. After this defence reportedly revolted last year, the Jaguars added a high character guy who could be an instant leader.

The Numbers

Last season with Kentucky he had 17 sacks, 21.5 tackles for loss and 88 tackles. He also forced five fumbles and batted four passes, demonstrating his all around capability. Allen’s 40 time was 4.63 and he was a widely projected top-10 pick. Some people even saw him as a top five type guy so for the Jaguars to get him is good value.

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