Four in-game additions we would like to see in Madden 20

Four in-game additions we would like to see in Madden 20
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Sometimes it really is the smaller things that make a difference.

While Madden, it should be argued, needs a large overhaul in certain areas, there’s no denying that there are some small, subtle changes EA can make to drastically improve the game.

While they aren’t necessarily things developers can market to sell more copies, they are certainly little easter eggs Madden players would enjoy when taking their team to the Super Bowl.

Pre-match coin toss

Prior to kick-off, captains meet in the middle, shake hands, fist bump, whatever and the referee does the coin toss. 

Any chance we can get that in Madden?

It’s not game breaking, but it adds to the experience and is something EA has done, they have it if you reach the Super Bowl, so no real reason why it can’t be before every game in Madden 20.

Actual medical staff for injuries

The league has declared multiple times that the famed ambulance won’t return but we can still get trainers and medical staff make an appearance when a player is down injured.

Even if we can’t get the cart taking them off the field, it would be a realistic touch to see people check over downed players.

The NFL can pretend people don’t get concussions and broken bones but they do. And when it happens, they are attended to and checked.

Even if you have players take a knee for the more serious injuries, it makes a difference.

Or is that too realistic for the people at the shield?

Rookies on stage for draft

The visuals for the draft are great but there’s still ways to improve the presentation. 

Could Ohio State DE Chase Young be the Miami Dolphins first round pick in 2020?

For the first round, let’s get these guys on the stage holding up the jersey of the team that selected them.

This is such a small change but can quite the difference.

The picture of the player looks nice, seeing the guy you draft decked out in his uniform on your screen is a nice touch but it doesn’t compare to seeing your first round pick hold up the jersey – throw in a commissioner figure calling out the pick and you are onto something.

Flags on the field

Again, another small addition which isn’t something you can market on the front of the new Madden but it adds to the aesthetics. 

Have the referees throw an actual flag for penalties, as opposed to a yellow bar at the top of the screen.

By having it as an animation, it gives players more information depending on where the flag was thrown. 

Add in the coaches’ challenge flag and players will feel closer to the game.

Pic: Detroit News

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