The Stampeders of the GFL?

The Stampeders of the GFL?
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If you are a CFL fan and read the headline Stamps of the GFL then odds are you are wondering what on earth I am talking about!

Given the recent push for CFL 2.0 and the European Player draft then you have probably heard about German football by now.

There have been relationships fostered with a number of leagues. In terms of the European players, it is the one with Germany that is proving most fruitful at the moment.

Of the nine European players selected at the recent European Draft, five came directly from GFL teams.

It is one of those teams I thought it might be fun to have a look at. As I looked at the recent form of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns though, one thing stood out. They really do look like the GFL answer the the CFL’s own Calgary Stampeders!

Two successful Teams

Whilst looking back at the Unicorns recent run of success, similarities with Calgary’s recent CFL exploits came to the fore.

The thing that caught my eye was that since winning their first German Bowl in 2011, the Unicorns have been in every championship game since except for 2013.

As a direct comparison, since 2011, in the regular season the Stamps have gone 107-35-2. Over the same period the Unicorns have posted a ridiculous 103-1-7 record.

Their biggest rivals have been the New Yorker Lions who have gone 78-3-7 since 2013 & won 3 bowl games in a row against the Unicorns from 2015-2017.

It appears however that the Schwäbisch Hall team have outlasted their rivals winning the last two championships, once against the Lions and last year against the Frankfurt Universe.

As a post-season comparison, since 2011 the stamps have appeared in five Grey Cup games and won two.

Meanwhile the Unicorns have appeared in seven German Bowl games and won four.

Following back to back 17-0-0 seasons in 2017 and 2018 the Unicorns are currently on a 40 game winning streak.

As we approach the 2019 CFL season we are waiting to see if the Stamps will retain their dominance. If they could emulate anything like the recent success of their German counterparts here you feel Calgary fans would be very happy!

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