Chase Young Is Ready To Be The Ultimate Disruptor

Chase Young Is Ready To Be The Ultimate Disruptor
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Ohio State has produced two Edge Rushers that have gone in the top three picks in the NFL Draft in recent seasons. The Bosa brothers were dominant forces off the edge in the B1G. But they are now in the NFL and Chase Young is ready to write his name into superstardom as the next great rusher from The Ohio State University.

When Nick Bosa went down in the third game of last season, many feared for the Ohio State pass rush. Those fears were misplaced. Young stepped up in a massive way for his school, adding a further 8.5 sacks to his total for the year. Finishing with 10.5 for the season. Young consistently showed up in big matches. He had six tackles and two sacks in a one point victory over Penn State in the defenses first game without Bosa. Young also posted a three sack game in the B1G championship game against Northwestern. Young’s MO is clear to see, he isn’t negatively affected by big game environments. In fact, its quite the opposite.

An EDGE Prototype

Young has the prototypical size for the position, his 6’5 frame carries 260lbs with ease. Whilst his testing numbers aren’t going to jump off the page, the functional athleticism to play the position at a high level can be seen on tape. Young fits the mould of the Bosa brothers. Technically sound with good hand movement and a nice array of pass rush moves. Young is a constant danger to opposing quarterbacks. He will be looking to get home more this season, not that 2018 wasn’t a productive year.

The play above is a brilliant representation of Young’s skillset. The play starts with an insane get off from Young and the tackle is already beaten. Great use of the hands puts the quarterback in Young’s sights and he makes the play. The high arms engulfing the quarterback is technically perfect, it gives him no chance to throw the ball away.

Spearheading the A Unit

The Ohio State defense will have to have a big year if the team is to be successful. Head Coach Ryan Day is a rookie in the role and transfer quarterback Justin Fields has very limited experience as a starter. Consequently, Young and his unit will have to put the team in a position to succeed by excelling in big games.

A big season for Young should see him somewhere near the top of the Edge prospect rankings for the 2020 draft. Given his position it is safe to say Young will be coming off draft boards early if he has a successful season. Whilst he may not command the top three love that his predecessors received due to the depth of offensive talent in this class. I still expect his name to be called early on night one.

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