CFL Agrees Partnership with British American Football Association

CFL Agrees Partnership with British American Football Association
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The CFL and BAFA have agreed a partnership that will see links develop between the two bodies. The British American Football Association (BAFA), are the national governing body for the sport in Great Britain.

The CFL have announced that, ” Great Britain is joining the growing alliance of gridiron football nations pledging to work with the Canadian Football League (CFL) to grow the game.”

From the British side came the opinion “This new relationship will help introduce Canadian Football to a wider audience in the U.K. and allow us to develop all aspects of the British game – not just on the field, but from a business perspective, too.”

Joining the Global team

British american football connecting with the CFL is the latest in a long line of global developments.

Right from the start as commissioner, Randy Ambrosie has been adamant that the CFL should broaden its horizons.

To that end CFL 2.0 has been a strategy designed to extend reach and strengthen international bonds.

We have already seen partnerships developed. BAFA becomes the tenth leading federation or league from various gridiron football playing countries to join the CFL community.  Alongisde Scandinavian leagues, and agreements with leagues in MexicoGermanyFrance & Austria.

Further we have seen an international combine, a European Draft, and the historic first ever points by a ‘Global Player.’

As a fan of the CFL based in Britain this offers thrilling prospects. The CFL regular season kicked off last month with 24 global players (from outside Canada and the United States) on CFL rosters.

Imagine if one of those players could have come from these shores? Even those that didn’t make it but attended the CFL combine will have had a thrilling experience to remember.

We know that the NFL recognizes there is talent for the game in the UK. Now it appears the CFL does too.

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