Premier League star Christian Fuchs wants to join the New York Giants

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Christian Fuchs has revealed he wants to become the New York Giants kicker when he finally leaves Leicester City and the Premier League.

The Austrian left-back has long desired a switch between footballing codes, never hiding his belief he has what it takes to be a kicker in the NFL.

Despite signing a new one-year contract extension with the Foxes at the end of last season, the 33-year-old told BBC Radio Five Live’s Steve Crossman he still harbours dreams of a move to New York, where his family lives.

And he finally revealed the team he is targeting in the NFL.

Fuchs: ‘It fascinates me’

Fuchs, capped 78 times by Austria, has shown off his kicking abilities before to the BBC and Sky Sports.

And with the NFL now actively seeking out international talent to bring the game to new nations across the world, the Leicester City star’s dreams are closer than ever to being achievable.

In an interview ahead of the new Premier League season, Fuchs said: “The oldest kicker in the NFL was life 50 years old, and he won the Super Bowl.

“You have like two seconds field time, you have some training in the week. My old body can handle that.

“When I start being a kicker, maybe when I am 36, or 37, or 38, I will still be very young.

“It is something I want to approach. It fascinates me.

“I have been kicking footballs my whole life already, so why not extend this feeling of being in a stadium, having games week-in and week-out, training week-in and week-out and being challenged maybe on a different level.

“Also, it may keep me mentally occupied.”

‘New York is blue,’ says Fuchs

The former Schalke ace is confident he can already kick at least a 65-yard field goal and has displayed his ability to shoot from range as a Premier League star.

Chicago Bears combined quarterback and kicker George Blanda currently holds the record for the oldest to play the position in the NFL, retiring just a month shy of his 49th birthday.

He is closely followed by Morten Anderson, who himself was from Denmark and gave up soccer when he moved to the US as a foreign exchange student.

And with improved diets and training regimes, there have been a string of kickers over the age of 40 in the league in recent years.

Colts’ star Adam Vinatieri is still active at 46, while 44-year-old Matt Bryant is a free agent having recently been at the Atlanta Falcons.

Former Browns and Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson has just retired, at the age of 44, as has Sebastian Janikowski, 41.

When asked which team he wants to play for if he does finally make the jump to the NFL, Fuchs said it would have to be in New York, where his wife and family live in Manhatten.

Fuchs said: “Of course, you should keep your options open.

“But New York is blue, New York is blue. I think that should answer the question. I’m keeping everything open though.”

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