Luck’s Mystery Medical Issues Linger

Luck’s Mystery Medical Issues Linger
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A calf strain?

Just what is happening with Andrew Luck? Luck’s mystery medical issues linger. Indianapolis Colts fans must be starting to wonder if their star quarterback is set for another extended period on the sidelines.  

For the last several months, the word from the Colts camp has been that Luck is suffering from a calf injury.  An ‘everything is fine and dandy’ approach has been taken by the front office and coaching staff. We were all led to believe that if Luck needed to play in an important game, he could. Medical staff are just being cautious, that’s all. All in all, Luck has missed 12 practice sessions so far this offseason. 

 Given the high profile calf injury, and subsequent Achilles tendon rupture, suffered by NBA star Kevin Durant, it was understandable why the Colts would adopt this approach.  However, all was not as it seems.

Os Trigonum?

 Colts owner Jim Irsay changed the landscape on Tuesday whilst speaking to SiriusXM NFL radio. He divulged that his franchise QB was dealing with a ‘small little bone injury’ in his left leg, and it was this that was keeping him on the sidelines.

 “I feel very confident he’s going to find a way through this thing. I think after the (Kevin) Durant thing, everyone is erring on the side of caution, but quite frankly, this is not even in the Achilles tendon” Imray quipped. “It’s a bone. I’m not good at these things, but it’s a small little bone’

 Andrew Luck is believed to have Os Trigonum. Os Trigonum – medical geek alert – is an extra (or accessory) small bone that sits just behind the ankle joint. It is only present in about 5-15% of the population. It is a congenital malformation that occurs when one area of the talus does not fuse with the rest of the bone. On an X-Ray, it may even be mistaken for a small fracture

 Os Trigonum syndrome is a syndrome giving rise to significant pain in the back of the ankle, often mimicking Achilles tendon pain. This is caused by the small accessory bone impinging soft tissues in the back of the ankle. It is common in athletes who have Os Trigonum, particularly in those who plantar flex (point) their feet, or push off from their toes, repetitively. These are certainly a common feature in Quarterback play. 

Could this be the mystery affliction affecting Luck?

‘High-Ankle Issue’

Apparently not.  Further reports later on Tuesday from GM Chris Ballard clarified that Luck had not injured his Os Trigonum. Apparently, tests have shown that he has strained his calf. However, the medical team has also supposedly isolated Luck’s problems to an area at the front of his left ankle. It has been described as a ‘high ankle’ issue. At this time, what this specific problem is is anyone’s guess.

 No timetable has been set for Luck’s return. The Colts have been almost deliberately vague about his injury. This all brings a sense of déjà vu when one remembers how the Colts dealt with Luck’s shoulder injury which led to him missing the whole of the 2017 season. The fact that Ballard also talked up Jacoby Brissett during his conference call with local reporters only muddies the waters further.

Will Andrew Luck’s mystery medical issues linger on into the regular season and beyond? Will he miss any regular season game time? Do the Colts and Luck really know what is holding him back at present? All will be revealed in the fullness of time but all we know now is that we don’t really now anything.

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