BritBowl XXXIII – Warriors v Phoenix

BritBowl XXXIII – Warriors v Phoenix
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It’s time for Britbowl XXXIII this weekend. The game will be live streamed from 4 PM on Sunday.

This years’ national championship game will see the defending champion London Warriors take on the Tamworth Phoenix.

It’s the Warriors game to lose

The Warriors are the dominant team in British American Football at the moment.

This will be their 7th Britbowl appearance in the last 8 years. During that span they have picked up 5 titles, winning on every occasion they have made the final between 2013 and 2018.

Last year saw the same two teams match up in the final and the Warriors beat Tamworth by 48-34.

Tamworth themselves took the title at BritBowl XXXI when they beat the London Blitz by 34-28.

The Form Guide

London go into this on the back of a 10-0-0 regular season that saw them score 611 points whilst conceding only 35!

In the playoff semi-final the Warriors defeated the 7-3 Manchester Titans by a monster score of 63-0.

Tamworth go into the final following a 9-1 regular season that saw them score 303 points and concede 84.

In the playoff semi-final the Phoenix edged the London Blitz in a defensive struggle by 7 points to 6.

All the statistics support a London win. Besides that, the Warriors have dominated an arguably stronger South Division than the North Division that Tamworth won.

Upsets do happen, that’s why they play the games. But for the Phoenix to win this one would be one of the great upsets and will require them to turn over the ball much less than they have done in the run up to this match-up.


If Tamworth were to win this game they could compare themselves to some of the great teams in Britball history with 3 straight title appearances and 2 titles in 3 years.

They would perhaps compare favourably to the likes of the Leicester Panthers or the Manchester Spartans.

The London Warriors are surely already in the conversation for the greatest Britball team of all-time.

Teams like the London OlympiansLondon Ravens and the Birmingham Bulls have all had periods of domination in the past, but perhaps only the Olympians can point to a period of such sustained domination.

The O’s run between 1997 and 2004 saw them winning 67 games in a row and collecting 7 consecutive championships along the way.

Including this years’ regular season the Warriors are on a 74-3 run (including playoffs) since 2013 and are looking to capture their 6th title in 7 years.

Tune In and enjoy

So there you have it – BritBowl XXXIII in all its glory. Either team winning will cement a legacy of greatness.

One result reinforces a teams claim the be the greatest Britball team ever. Whilst another will look to create one of the great upsets and be remembered as one of the great teams.

As the NFL moves into the final week of preseason what better way to prepare than supporting football in your own country the week beforehand.

It’s a good opportunity too to see the talent the CFL is recognizing in a recent partnership that could one day see BAFA based talent making its way over to the 3 down league.

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