Diggs: What’s going on?

Diggs: What’s going on?
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What is going on with Stefon Diggs so far this season? He’s just not been the same guy we expected to see in 2019.

The answer is simple: Four games into this NFL season, the Vikings wide receiver needs to see more passes thrown in his direction.

Diggs has seemingly fallen out of the Minnesota Vikings offense this season. His displeasure with his lack of targets so far this year has been made clear by some of his postgame reactions.

After finally breaking through and getting some looks during Minnesota’s week four game in Chicago, where does the star wide receiver go from here? Was Sunday’s performance against the Bears a product of Diggs asking for the ball, or did things just finally fall into place for him?

Diggs is too good of a talent to go to waste.

His 12 targets through three games was a joke in itself. The week two game in Green Bay was misleading, but Diggs has still been too much of a ghost in the Vikings’ offense so far this season.

But how does this all transpire into fantasy football?

Diggs seems like the definition of a buy-low candidate. He probably would have had a slightly lower value prior to his 7/108/0 stat line in week four against a very good Bears team. However, I still am trying to buy.

The Vikings passing game has looked nothing short of awful so far in 2019. Consequently, Kirk Cousins has come under criticism. After another disappointing passing game performance in week four, I expect to see an emphasis placed on getting the passing attack fixed. Therefore, I think most of the Vikings’ pass-catchers could be considered buy-low players. However, I believe that Diggs has the most long-term value. That is why I’ve specifically got my eyes on him.

At nearly 26 years old, Diggs is just entering his prime. As such, he should have appeal to all teams, regardless of their standing. He is young enough to build around. He has a high enough ceiling for a team stuck in the middle. Also, he should produce good numbers in the short term for teams contending.

So, that brings us to how much I’d be willing to pay for Diggs?

Well, his consensus value is slightly above a 2020 first round pick. I’d certainly pay that for him. I’m not sure if that would get it done in a lot of leagues. It’s a good point to start negotiations. If I had to throw in something else, I’d probably be willing to go as much as a 2020 second in terms of picks. However, I’d like to keep it below that if possible.

I think Diggs has the talent to produce similarly to any wide receiver available in the 2020 draft. He’s already proven it at the NFL level.

If Diggs’ owner in your league is at all concerned by the Vikings’ lack of a passing game, I’d aggressively pursue him.

Just to note: Diggs missed training on Wednesday stating that he’s frustrated with the team. He has been heavily linked with several potential trading landing spots. Those include the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. If there ever was a time to get in on Diggs, do it now.

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