Trade Frenzy as the Deadline Approaches by Bryan Dickie

Trade Frenzy as the Deadline Approaches by Bryan Dickie
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As you’re probably aware there’s been a plethora of trades this past week; first round picks, former first round picks, and former pro-bowlers have all moved teams in the past few weeks. All this fun will come to a close when the trade deadline closes 9pm GMT on Tuesday.

Trades have been part of a GM’s tool belt for a long time but it seems the last minute and/or high value trades are becoming more and more popular. Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated calculated that in the past 18 months there have been 8 trades for players using first round picks than in the previous 8 years, quite an impressive stat!

This week alone has seen some interesting moves from teams trying to improve, some looking to the future and others dumping unwanted goods.

Raiders traded former first rounder Gareon Conley to the corner back short Texans for a third round pick. It’s never a good look when teams give away a former first round pick for cheap, but we can assume Gruden is fine continuing his clearing out of players from the last Raiders regime, added to the fact Conley has showed little this season (his tape from last week Vs. Green bay is a horror show) – interesting titbit here is that the Raiders play the Texans this week, Conley will be hoping for a quick start…

Bill Belichick does as Bill Belichick does, it’s almost unfair. The Patriots defence has been flying this year, however they’ve struggled on the other side of the ball: injuries, being Gronk-less  and the Antonio Brown farce has lead a sub-par offense, for the patriots standards anyway. So Robert Kraft and Co send a 2nd round pick to the pitiful Falcons for 30 year old Vet Mohamed Sanu who’ll replace Josh Gordon who’s heading to IR. Sanu was somewhat surplus to requirements with the falcons at 1-6 and with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley cemented as their top 2 receivers.

Another veteran receiver swapped teams; Emmanuel Sanders left the Broncos with a 5th round pick in hand and headed over to the 49ers to be swapped for a 3rd and 4th round picks. Sanders will help San Francisco as a veteran presence who’s young receivers haven’t lived up to the hype just yet. As the Broncos struggle continue on a few extra picks will help them come April next year.

Finally this week (as I write at least) the Cowboys filled a gap in their Defensive line with 3 times pro-bowler Michael Bennett from the Patriots. Bennett had annoyed the Patriots (imagine it’s quite difficult to wind Belichick up…) so were happy with a 6th round pick in return. This kind of trade is becoming a regular for the Cowboys, who this summer Traded a 6th for former pro-bowler Robert Quinn from the Rams and gave a 6th for tricky former 1st round pick Tavon Austin from the Rams at the 2018 draft.

With 14 more wins and losses (here’s hoping for no draws) to be handed out this weekend there’s bound to be a few more teams looking to boost their roster or bulk up on trade picks before the deadline, who knows what could happen!

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