Questions That Will Be Answered In the First Round

Questions That Will Be Answered In the First Round
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The build-up to the first round is full of questions. After all that build-up, finally, we get some answers.

The 2020 NFL draft is as unique as can be. In this abnormal draft, we take a look at some of the questions that will be answered in the first round.

First Round Questions

Will A Running Back Be Drafted In The First Round?

Does D'Andre Swift get picked in the first round?
D’Andre Swift is #16 on our big board. Photo Credit: Steffenie Burns (UGA)

D’andre Swift is my 16th overall player and only time will tell if he is taken in the first round. The overall value of the position and the overall depth in class could hinder his chances. If Swift is not taken in the first round we should expect to hear his name called early on day 2 and see a sweep of half-backs taken over round 2 and 3.

Other names to watch out for are J.K. Dobbins, Johnathan Taylor, Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Cam Akers. It is expected that the first running back off the board will occur between picks 26 and 35.

Will Miami Hold All Three Of Their First Round Picks?

The consensus amongst Dolphins fans is that if they come away with their next franchise QB and get a top OT prospect it will have been a good night. If they get both and another pick, well all the better. 

That pick could be used on a running back, receiver or even another offensive lineman. It all comes down to the #5 pick. if they get their QB there, Miami could be a fun watch throughout the rest of the draft.

Where Do The Big Three Receivers Fall?

Jeuy will go in the first round and has top 10 potential
There is much debate over Jeudy being WR1 in this class. Image Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of teams, the Broncos, Jets, Giants and 49ers are all in the mix to be drafting receivers. We may see a run on receivers from 11 – 15, and look for those who are not in a position, such as the Eagles, to jump their opponents.

This receiver class is really deep. Some receivers will fall to the fourth round who would usually be taken in the second. Those teams who have other needs may choose to focus on them and find their receiver in later rounds.

Who Drafts The Big Four Offensive Tackles?

There is a huge market for tackles in this draft. Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton, Jedrick Wills and Andrew Thomas are the big four tackles in this draft and there is a large drop off after them.

We could potentially see all the big four tackles taken in the top 10, the Dolphins, Giants, Chargers, Browns and Cardinals all have needs at the position. We could even see teams such as Tampa Bay trade up for one. 

What Do The Patriots Do Post Tom Brady? 

The Patriots always keep things close to their chest. But, they are in a predicament over there quarterback position. New England currently only have Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham in the QB room.

The Patriots draft #23 overall and with no second round pick, it’s difficult to see a team accepting a potential trade up. They do have 12 draft picks but 5 comes in rounds 6 and 7. They only way it could be possible is by trading guard Joe Thuney in exchange for some more draft capital.

New England love QBs with good game management, accuracy and consistency. Making moves for Quarterbacks that could be available, such as Jordan Love, become difficult to envision. The Patriots also have less than 2 Million against the cap, making manoeuvring extremely difficult. A name to look out for is Jake Fromm in later rounds. 

Will The Bengals Trade The Number One Pick and How Much Of A Lock Are The First 2 Picks?

LSU's Joe Burrow is the consensus first overall pick
Joe Burrow is the unanimous first overall pick. Image Credit:

The sense around the league is that the Bengals will pick at number one and they have had no conversation about moving. On the other hand, the Redskins, who are picking #2, have fielded calls around potential trades and with them being more than one player away the feeling is the pick could be bought for the right price.

With a generational talent in Chase Young probably sitting there, it is going to be a massive haul to convince the Redskins to trade the #2 pick.

Could Tua Tagovailoa Slip Out Of The Top 10? 

Concerns around Tua’s health have escalated in recent weeks. Although he has been signed off as healthy by doctors the concerns around durability are fair. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak teams have been unable to get players in their building to complete interviews and medicals. With no certain medical, teams may be relucant to pull the trigger.

If both the Dolphins and Chargers pass on him, then Tua may see an Aaron Rodgers type fall, prompting the question would teams such as the Jaguars, Raiders, Broncos, Buccaneers be tempted to pull the trigger. 

Do Teams With Veteran QBs Find An Eventual Successors?

Could Jordan Love be viewed as an eventual successor to a veteran QB in the first round
Jordan Love is a QB who needs development. Image Credit: CBS Sports

As in the above question, if Tua does fall, could teams who are looking for an eventual successor, such as the Steelers, the Packers or the Saints, be tempted? Possibly, but they all draft later in the first round or have no first round pick. 

A player such as Jordan Love could be one to watch in the 20s. He has drawn concern over his maturity and consistency but could sitting behind Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees aid his development?

It certainly worked for Patrick Mahomes who sat behind Alex Smith for a year. He also had issues coming out of college about adaptability to an NFL offence and his decision-making ability. We know Sean Payton loved Patrick Mahomes coming out of college and if the Chiefs hadn’t traded in front of them they would likely have drafted him. Could the same happen to Love?

Who Could Be The Surprise Player That Ends Up Being Drafted In The First Round? 

In the first round, there are always players that are overlooked. This year more than ever the media could be wrong. There has been some hype that the Browns are interested in Ezra Cleveland out of Boise State. He isn’t a player that jumped out on tape. He could do with getting stronger but that said he does have the potential to become an eventual starter.

Another name to watch out for is Jeremy Chinn. Chinn is a safety that can be used in multiple schemes. With the safety position not being so deep, he could be one we see go on day one.

How Many Trades Will We See In The First Round?

Rumours are that there are plenty of teams considering moving up. Whether it be the Falcons, the Eagles, the Ravens or even the Dolphins. With the nature of the draft being conducted from people’s homes, we may see fewer trades than normal. If a team is looking to trade they will have had to put in significant leg work beforehand. 

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