NFL Injury Update – Broncos pash rush woes

NFL Injury Update – Broncos pash rush woes
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In what we hope will become a regular feature during the course of the 2020, I aim to give a run down of some of the main injury headlines and what this might mean for the players, and their respective franchises.

In the first edition, lets start with the injuries afflicting the Broncos starting outside linebacker pairing of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb

Bradley Chubb – ACL

Image: Broncos Wire – USA Today

Broncos former top 5 pick Bradley Chubb has been missing in practice since he seemed to have issues with his left knee. Chubb suffered a partial anterior cruciate ligament (ACL tear) in Septmeber of 2019 and underwent immediate surgery. He is a potential comeback player of the year

Image: physio remedies

Design to control back and forth motion of the knee, the ACL (see above) is commonly injured in football players – with 47 ACL tears in 2019, and 57 the year before. With typical recovery from surgery anywhere from 7-11 months, the impact on players careers is huge.

A potentially devastating injury, which has been shown to shorten NFL players careers, that is still giving issues 1 year down the line is a worrying sign for Chubb, and the Broncos, particularly when we see the lightening quick recoveries of Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz in recent years. Coach Fangio, however, is optimistic he will play his part.

He’s going to be out the next few days at least and then we’ll see after that. We don’t think it’s a long(-term) injury at all

Denver post

Keep an eye on his workload in the coming weeks

Von Miller – Ankle

In more bad news for Broncos fans, it appears Von Miller will miss the whole season after injuring his ankle in training. Ian Rapoport broke the following update on Thursday afternoon;

So what exactly is the peroneal tendon, and just how does one dislocate it?

The peroneal tendons are two tendons in the foot that run side-by-side just behind the outer ankle bone (also known as the lateral malleous) One peroneal tendon attaches to the outer part of the midfoot, while the other runs under the foot and attaches near the inside of the arch. Their main function is to stabilise the foot and ankle, protecting them from sprains.


Usually, peroneal tendon disolcations occur when the retinaculum (which holds then tendon in place – see pic above) tears and the tendon ‘flips’ in front of the ankle bone. ‘Rolling’ an ankle is the usual mechanism and is common in sports such as ski-ing and football where sharp turns are common.

Elite athletes, like Miller, require surgery to repair the retinaculum and relocate the tendon.

With a period of rest and immobilisation required before any physiotherapy can place, I’d be surprised if we saw Von Miller take the field in 2020

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