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Future stars were plentiful in college football last week. As the SEC returned the level of competition rose, in a week that saw upsets, drama and accomplishments. 

Our Future Stars last week combined for a massive 462 receiving yards, 7 receiving touchdowns, 1 fumble recovery, 2 tackles for a loss, 1 sack and 1 pick 6!

Week 5 sees 3 games being broadcast in the UK. They are; Baylor at West Virginia (17:00 UK Time), Oklahoma at Iowa State (00:00) and Auburn at Georgia (00:30).

Baylor at West Virginia and Oklahoma at Iowa State along with College Gameday are available on BT Sport ESPN. The Auburn at Georgia game is available on BT Sport 2. 

Here are your Future Stars to watch in week 5.


Darius Stills – DT – West Virginia

Darius Stills is part of our future stars
Darius Stills is a pressure maker in the trenches. Image Credit: wvusports.com

Stills is still a relatively unknown player in this year’s senior class, but he is unlikely to stay quiet for long. 

The defensive lineman is a wrecking ball in the interior. He creates havoc on every play. His stats from a year ago won’t match the top of this DL class but it’s what he does outside of those numbers that creates excitement.

If there is one word you could use to describe Stills it’s pressure. He creates tons of it and often in unconventional ways.

Stills is an unorthodox defensive tackle. He is aggressive, violent, undisciplined and even unhinged on some plays. He has a natural low centre of gravity, creating good balance and leverage to take advantage off the line of scrimmage. Stills has a quick burst and devastates his opponent with his good hand placement and strength. If teams are looking for a ball chaser to cause destruction, Stills will fit that mold.

He still has work to do through if he wants his name called in early rounds. His unruly play style means he does leave open some running lanes. He needs to be able to close the gap on rushers to become an effective run stopper. 

This has led to his tackle count being low. Only good enough for seventh on his team. Becoming more effective and controlled on running plays should see his numbers shoot up.

The numbers in other areas are promising though. Whether it is tackles for a loss, sacks or quarterback hurries he leads the team. If Stills can improve his blocking ability, his draft stock will rise and will be a player we speak about as he heads further into the college season.

Seth Williams – WR – Auburn

Seth Williams is yet another top receiver in an overwhelmingly talented wide receiver class. Williams has the size and ball skills to be a WR1 in the NFL. 

Williams is a big target for his quarterback. At 6’2” 224 lbs he stands out on film. He uses his size to his advantage and often can beat his opponents at the catch point because of it. Williams also has great hands and rarely do you see him catch the ball into his body. The ball sticks to his hands. Williams has the strength to compete at the catch point and often wins in contested catch situations. He is a redzone mismatch for the Auburn Tigers and this will be instantly transferable to the NFL. You can throw him any ball on any type of route and he will battle his way to the ball. 

Williams isn’t as quick as some of the receivers in the class which could lead to him being ignored at the top of this class by some. He can struggle to create separation at times because of it but he can use his hands and his strength to beat his opponent instead of pure speed. It also means he can struggle when being pressed by defensive backs and it’s a weakness he will be looking to rectify over the season. 

The wideout will feel hard done by to be overlooked for so long. But with so many greater prospects at the position Williams is going to have to explode this year to work his way up draft boards. Currently projecting as a day 2 pick Williams will be in the hunt.

Richard LeCounte – S – Georgia

LeCounte is a well rounded safety prospect. Image Credit: Dale Zanine, USA TODAY Sports

Richard LeCounte vs Seth Williams is a battle we are looking forward to watching. He had a fantastic game against Arkansas last time out and will be looking to repeat that performance. 

LeCounte probably has the highest floor of all safeties in this class. He is extremely skillful all over the field. LeCounte has good ball skills, good instincts and is a leader in the backfield. He is the communicator on the Bulldog defense and is clearly a good communicator. LeCounte is a ball hawk. He tracks the ball efficiently and has good movement to keep with his assignment whether in man or zone coverage. 

While his floor is high, his ceiling is not as high as other safeties. Standing at just 5’11” he doesn’t possess the size teams like at the safety position. As with a lot of safeties when they are in college, LeCounte needs to improve his tackling. He often misses when first on the scene, especially against slippery players who have good footwork. Becoming bigger and stronger will help along with some work on his technique. 

LeCounte has potential to be a every down safety in the NFL and how he performs against an NFL caliber receiver in Seth Williams will go a long way to answering questions his critics have. 

Charleston Rambo – WR – Oklahoma

Charleston Rambo is another polarising prospect. 

Rambo is a smooth operator who has had success all over the field. Due to the nature of the Sooners air raid offence, Rambo has been used in a multiple of different ways and is involved all over the field too. One of Rambo’s best attributes is his ability to create separation. He explodes off the line of scrimmage and uses a disjointed run up to off put his opponents. He buys himself enough time to make plays and attacks at the catch point.

While Rambo has the height at 6’1”, he is stick thin and he plays like it. Rambo has a real lack of strength. Rambo really needs to add on more weight but there is worry in the scouting community that he will struggle to do so. The lack of strength means he can go to ground and be shrugged off far too easily. It restricts his run after the catch ability and he isn’t able to create space to expand plays in. 

With a big year Rambo will be another of a group of receivers who will be wanting to force there name into the spotlight and we will be watching with intrigue as to how he can perform this season.

While eligible to declare for the 2021 NFL Draft, Rambo may find it better returning to school for another year. He may struggle to create hype in such a talented draft class and the extra time will allow him to really make an impact. 

Charlie Kolar – TE – Iowa State

Charlie Kolar will be looking to match the performances of other TE’s this season. Image Credit: Wesley Winterink/Cyclones.com.

We have already looked at one stud of a tight end in our Future Star series in the shape of Kyle Pitts, and Charlie Kolar has the potential to be another.

Kolar is predominantly a pass catching tight end. He led Iowa State in touchdowns and is a legitimate redzone asset. Iowa State have lined him up all over and he has performed. Kolar is a mismatch all over the field and his catch radius along with his hands means he is brilliant when catching the ball in traffic and in midfield.

He is adequate as a blocker. He gets stuck in and isn’t afraid to do the dirty work. Kolar does have more strength than it looks like he has but there are questions whether it holds up against the top tight ends.

Whether Kolar can meet the measurables of the top 3 tight ends remains to be seen. He doesn’t have the strength or thickness of the big 3 and it should be expected he wont test as well as others. He often finds himself running into traffic and he could do with avoiding some collisions to hold up as a pass watching tight end. 

It is expected that Kolar will see more targets this season and what he can do with the ball in his hands will be exciting to watch. He will be a top tight end but he has some work to do to close the ever expanding gap to those setting the pace. 

Which Future Stars will you have your eye on this week? Let us know over on Twitter @NinetynieYards and @Owain_Jones_ 

Feature Image: auburntigers.com

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