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  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 208 lbs
  • College: LSU Tigers
  • Year: Junior

Despite the SEC going ahead Chase has opted out of the 2020 season and has already declared for the 2021 NFL Draft.

When you analyse him as a prospect it is easy to see why. He had nothing to gain by playing this season with his draft stock already being so high. 

The 2020 wide receiver draft class was thought to be the best in a generation, if not ever. But the best receiver wasn’t even draft eligible. Ja’marr Chase. The 2021 wide receiver draft class smashes the 2020 out of the park and we will have a number of receivers being given round 1 and 2 grades.

Chase is a former 4 star recruit from Archbishop Rummel High School. He decided to play his college ball in state at LSU, where he would go on to win the Biletnikoff Award and arguably put together the best season we have seen from a college wideout. Recording 84 catches for 1780 yards and 20 touchdowns in an LSU team that went on to lift the National Championship.

Ja’Marr’s only issues could be keeping himself in the spotlight. We have already seen Alabama Wideout, Jaylen Waddle, do extraordinary things on the field this season. Similarly, the NCAA have allowed Rashod Bateman to return to Minnesota after he opted out over health concerns.

But Chase tops the lot. It is difficult to find faults in Chase’s game.  He is a polished prospect with a high floor and high ceiling. Chase is a big play waiting to happen, He can beat you over the top or underneath. He is aware, sharp, strong and versatile. 

See the Tweet below which shows Chase’s ability and strength.


  • Physical and imposing
  • Has a tough style of play
  • Fights for everything
  • Aggressive at the catch point
  • Always in control
  • Alpha mentality
  • Decisive

This list could be endless. Chase dominates his opposition and rarely gets outfought by his opposing defender. He influences every play and is in control of the corner who is covering him, and there are some good ones in the SEC. 

Chase’s under and medium routes are exceptional but he possesses the ability to take the top of the defence. He is able to adjust himself to make a play on most balls thrown in his vicinity. He oozes confidence and out tools the opposition. 

What is most notable, on tape, is his physicality and athleticism. Chase thrives in contested catch situations. He performs best when corners stand off him, but he also has the strength to beat them when they do press. He contests every jump ball and wins most 1 on 1 battles, but when he gets the ball in his hands he has great run after catch ability because of his elusiveness and physicality. 


  • Isn’t the quickest receiver
  • Relies on his strength to create separation
  • Could run crisper routes
  • More effort needed when blocking

Ja’Marr Chase doesn’t really have an flaws. He does everything so well. When picking out weaknesses in his game it is difficult to find any, and the weaknesses that are there are more desirables than necessities. 

Questions may be asked over Chase’s pace. He won’t be able to sustain the same speed as some receivers in this class, such as Jaylen Waddle or Tutu Atwell. But, Chase doesn’t need to. He can make up for the lack of straight line speed with his physicality and he is a guy you would bet on making a play every time the ball comes his way. 

The questions over his speed doesn’t make him slow. Far from it. He just won’t be as quick as some. The speed issue is just another tool to add to his box and a way of creating separation on go routes. He isn’t a speed demon like some receivers but you wouldn’t utilise such a weapon in that way. 

Like all receivers, when in college, Chase does have some noticeable drops in his game. These tend to be on the back end, when the ball is thrown behind him or over the wrong shoulder and he needs to rotate his hips to make a play. It’s something that is easily fixed and won’t affect his ability to make plays in the NFL. He makes up for these drops with the plays he makes from nothing. 


Chase is the best receiver in this draft class, as a result, he will be looking over his shoulder with the 2021 receiver class being so deep. He is a first round receiver; just where in the first round will depend on draft order and need.

He has everything you want in a playmaking receiver out of college, and is as close to a sure thing, at the receiver position, you will see from college prospects. There have been some noticeable busts from teams drafting receivers in the first round, but Ja’Marr Chase is unlikely to be one of them.

Draft projection: Top of the 1st Round

Feature Image: Derick E. Hingle/CBSSports

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