Winning Amid Pandemic: The Best of Chicago Bears in Season 2020

Winning Amid Pandemic: The Best of Chicago Bears in Season 2020
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The year 2020 is considered to be one of the roughest years in the history of mankind. Globally, people were advised to work and study from home to contain the virus’s rapid transmission.

For sports, well, let’s say athletes are motivated to keep themselves fit and healthy. Still, no one is invulnerable unless a reliable vaccine is available. For the Chicago Bears, this year isn’t that bad at all. The team is motivated to make it to the postseason, even during a pandemic. 

The Chicago Bears Amid Covid-19

From the last week of November until the end of the year, there are 32 teams to operate in the NFL. Before each game, coaches and players undergo testing. Pre-approved plans for physical meetings are also followed.

PCR testing is administered daily among coaches and players, so they are certainly negative of the virus before entering the facility. Grab and go meals are also offered so the mess halls and rooms won’t be congested with people. Locker rooms are also unavailable for use if no games are being held in the facility.

The Bears have been compliant with all these regulations in their facility throughout this year’s season. Though they have canceled all the activities in their building in the first week of November after another player has acquired the virus, the Bears managed to continue amid these unfavorable circumstances.

So Far, How’s the Chicago Bears?

Here is the significant display of wins and achievements of the Bears in 2020 so far.

Franchising Nick Foles

Nicholas Edward Foles debuted and became the leader of the pack. Though falling flat in his first game against the Colts, he remained an exceptional quarterback as the game advanced. 

Foles was known for his aggressive targets and accuracy. Having these two combined, he managed to reverse the team’s status and value in the NFL. The flops in his previous games were redeemed with an excellent play against the Tampa Buccaneers. 

Defeating Tom Brady

The three-time MVP Tom Brady prestige was struck by Nick Foles as the Chicago Bears defeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-19 in October. The football star has never lost to the Bears while he was still a member of the Patriots. Encountering Foles in the field seemed to be a disappointment in Brady’s series of successes.

Meanwhile, the debut of Foles in the Chicago Bears granted favor in the match against the Buccaneers. The spectators were at the edge of their seats until the Bears finally claimed the domination. 

For the first time in nearly a decade, the team has finally reclaimed a 4-1 record. It was a great rescue from a fresh player. Foles extended the greatest influence on the triumph of the Bears against the Bucs. After all, Foles being nicknamed “Big Dick Nick” deserved his title due to this story of conquest. 

Launching Austin Harvest  

Austin Harvest is one of the charitable movements supported by the Chicago Bears. They originally targeted positive community change. 

Every fan can see that the racial discrimination manifested in the case of George Floyd and the COVID-19 episode has crammed the nation with distress. Last June, local police and participating athletes brainstormed to address the recent cases of violence within the community. Of course, a systematic reform is expected to materialize out of the movement.

Therefore, Austin Harvest was created. Essentially, it started with a plan to restore a looted alcohol hub into a fresh market establishment. A 12-week entrepreneurship program will cater to 12 students. Additionally, they will receive educational stipends and learn about financial management. 

The Green Bay Packers, steered by Sam Acho, former Chicago Bears linebacker, crafted the proposal for this Chicago-based grocery store aiming to cultivate positive change. Even the former players of Bears are celebrated through these remarkable initiatives. And there is more of the Bears’ music of success in 2020 through their retired players.

Former Bears in Pro Football Hall of Fame

In January, favorable news reached the camp of the Chicago Bears. Two of their former players are considered for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. From 1983 to 1990, Jim Covert has impressed the football buffs with his famous block for the star quarterback, Dan Marino.

For the record, during his nine seasons, he has also boosted the team’s reputation through playing in one conference title, six division championships, and one Super Bowl. He was a first-team all-decade player deprived of recognition because he only played in two Pro Bowls compared to equally excellent players of his batch.

The greatest pass rusher, according to George Halas, Ed Sprinkle, secured a spot in the nominee’s list along with Covert. His career in Bears lasted from 1944 to 1955. He was known as a small player who can be the toughest pass rusher to block during his time. It could be that being undersized made him as sneaky as he was.

He was also dubbed as the “meanest man in football” and passed away last 2014 at age 90. His family is delighted upon hearing the good news. Finally, Sprinkle was acknowledged by a great awarding body.  


The Chicago Bears believe that there’s more outside the football field. Aside from winning and receiving fame, the Bears also look after the welfare of Chicago. This goes to show that they play the sport with their hearts despite the risk of the ongoing pandemic.  

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Photo by Patrick Ogilvie on Unsplash

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