2021 CFL Global Combine Participants announced

2021 CFL Global Combine Participants announced
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The 2021 CFL Global Combine participants have been announced. This is part of the larger announcement of all the combines – regional, national and global.

The global Draft of course is of particular interest in Europe. And by default here in the UK too. Back in April 2019, the CFL ran their first ever European Draft. Nine players were selected from an original 18 who went to the CFL combine that year. Following a lottery we saw the CFL teams get their pick slots, with Hamilton having the first selection.

We knew that the CFL Combine would be virtual this year. And recently took a look back at how the first ever European Draft players got on in ther first season.

Last year, there were a list of Global Combine qualifieres. The plan was for them to move on to the Combine in Toronto. But of course that never happened.

One thing we did learn since then is about the quality of the players. For instance, Taku Lee RB for the Obic Seagulls in the X-League was on this list. Since then he has put in an X-Bowl MVP performance. Going on to the NFL international player pathway.

There are over 80 prospects on the Global Combine list this year. So where do they go from here?

Global Combine to Global Draft

The CFL has set protocols and guidelines to have each Combine (National, Regional & Global) participant conduct and film themselves performing select tests and positional drills in a safe environment. This will then be distributed to the league’s teams.

To help from the Global side of things the CFL is conducting and recording video interviews with Global participants. This will see standard questions answered and distributed to each team. The teams also have the option to perform video interviews with Global participants if they want.

Following on from this the CFL Global Draft will take place on April 15th at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (Bearing in mind we are 4 hours ahead of this in the UK)

This will be a four round Draft covering 36 picks, with the BC Lions holding the first pick overall. Each team will be hoping to find a gem like Thiadric Hansen to add to their squad.

The Brits are Coming

There are four British players on the Global Combine list. Keanu Ebanks, OL for the Hildesheim Invaders, Glen Mbeleg-Toonga, RB for the Dresden Monarchs (and more recently Lowlanders Bialystok), David Izinyon LB for the Rostock Griffins, and Kadel King, LB for St. Francis Xavier.

Will we see any of them make it onto a squad? And if so will they catch on? One thing I am certain of, the talent is there if they get a chance. As ever, it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

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