Garrett Wilson: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.

Garrett Wilson: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.
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  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 188 Lbs
  • College: Ohio State
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Wide Receiver


Garrett Wilson is an explosive, dynamic playmaking weapon. In a 2022 Draft class which is lacking in depth and quality compared to recent years, Wilson can really stamp down his authority over the pack.

Wilson is from Austin: Texas, where he attended Lake Travis High School. A program also notable for producing Baker Mayfield. When committing to Ohio State, Wilson was a 5 star recruit and was a top 15 recruit nationally. Wilson was also a multi-sport athlete, who also earned scholarships in Basketball.

Not only was Wilson making headlines on the field, he was also making headlines off it. During his time at high school he earned the honour of being named All-American Bowl Man of the Year. An accolade given to students who have provided excellence within their community.

At Ohio State, Wilson was named First Team All Big Ten and has put up some huge numbers. In the 2020 season, Wilson started the campaign with four straight 100 yard games, finishing with 723 yards and 6 touchdowns in just 8 games due to the Covid plagued season.

Garrett Wilson has all the explosiveness, physicality and athleticism to really make a mark on the 2022 Draft and he will be looking to establish himself as the WR1.

Watch the video below which shows Wilson’s excellent route running, adaptability and ability to go up and make plays!


  • Explosive
  • Ball Tracking
  • Route Running
  • Versatile

There is no doubt that Garrett Wilson is a big time playmaking threat. He is an ultra fluid athlete who has all the makings of an NFL receiver.

The main job of a receiver is to catch the ball. Sounds simple. Right?! But, sometimes we can be guilty of over complicating what receivers do. When it comes to Wilson, his ability to simply catch the ball is phenomenal. He does the simple things to a really high standard. 

Wilson is excellent at the catch point. He is able to climb the ladder to collect the ball, but also his outstanding athleticism means he has a huge leap to go up and make plays. Wilson has sticky, but snappy hands and his ball tracking ability is up there with the best.

It is this awareness and instinct that make him such a good player. Wilson is able to keep his eyes on the ball while being intelligent enough to know what is around him. He isn’t afraid to take a shot in order to secure the ball while maintaining speed.

Wilson is super elusive after the catch and is an ankle breaker when in space. The athleticism really shows with the ball in his hands where he is an absolute mismatch. 

Some of Wilson’s best qualities are his route running and versatility. Due to Wilson’s all round skill set, Ohio State have lined him up all over the field. He has taken snaps lined up outside, in the slot and has even been used as a weapon out of the backfield. Whether it is deep go routes or jet sweeps, Wilson has a varied route tree that will be viewed highly in the NFL. His deep routes are by far the best, but the ability to use Wilson in so many ways will only improve his draft stock.

In terms of Wilson’s route running, he has a quick initial burst of pace which creates separation off the line. Opponents will have to be brave to press him off the stance because he has a variety of tools to beat press coverage, but he also has the physicality to compete. Wilson’s route running is clean enough and his diverse skill set means he forces defensive backs into decisions that they do not want to make. His ability to sew that doubt into defensive backs’ minds means he can open up space; not only for himself, but also his skill position teammates. 


  • Speed
  • Drops

For all the quality and class that Wilson has, he of course does have some things to work on.

The first being his speed. While his speed is fine, it really isn’t going to blow anyone away. It is difficult to call Wilson’s pace a weakness, but it won’t match a lot of receivers in this class. It is highly unlikely that Wilson will be topping the 40 yard dash times at the NFL Combine. Speed isn’t Wilson’s calling card though, and it isn’t what makes him such an exciting prospect.

Another aspect of Wilson’s game which he will be looking to improve on is his ball control. He can have the occasional bobble when securing the football. Although, his hands are gluey and he has the ability to catch the ball away from his body, there are times where he is guilty of controlling the football into his chest. Now, sometimes that is needed, but Wilson can sometimes do it in unnecessary situations leading to him losing acceleration. 

As most receivers do coming out of college, Wilson also does have some drops. They are nothing overly to be concerned about, they do tend to be more focus drops or a lack of concentration rather than poor technique. That is something that can be fixed when making the step up to the next level, but Wilson will be looking to reduce the number of them this season. 

Wilson may also look to add some weight to his frame. It isn’t anything that hinders him, but adding some mass and bulk will only help his functional strength and core physicality.


As we stand today, the 2022 NFL Draft receiver class is wide open. The draft class really lacks the depth, at the top and the bottom, that we have seen in recent years. 

Garrett Wilson is one of a small number of stars in the class and he possesses a high ceiling and untapped potential. 

Wilson’s route running, versatility and explosiveness makes him one of the top receivers in this class, but it is his high level athleticism that may tip him to the top of this class.

The matchup with his teammate Chris Olave will be an exciting watch as they compete to be the dominant receiver. Both will be out to prove why they should be the first receiver off the board and Wilson has as good of a chance as any to be the first receiver drafted in April. 

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