Ottawa close to a record they do not want

Ottawa close to a record they do not want
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The Ottawa REDBLACKS are close to setting a CFL record they do not want. After losing 24-7 to Hamilton in their week 8 contest, The REDBLACKS have now lost 11 straight home games dating back to July 2019.

This is all the more galling for fans of the team who missed out due to a cancelled 2020 CFL season. To see Ottawa back, but at 1-5 and having conceded the most points in the league is bad enough. But now the potential ignominy of setting a new record for home defeats is closing in.

The city of Ottawa has suffered in just this way in the past too. The longest two home losing streaks for CFL teams belong to the Ottawa Rough Riders. As they went 14 home games without a win from July the 19th, 1987 to October the 22nd, 1988 between home victories. As well as a 12 game home losing streak running from October the 13th, 1928 to November the 5th, 1932. On hitting their 11th straigh home defeat the Ottawa REDBLACKS Have made it so that the top 3 consecutive home game losing runs all belong to the city of Ottawa.

Fans of Ottawa teams have had their share of misery down the years. The city can claim the longest title drought in CFL history when a combination of Ottawa based franchises came up empty. During that 40 year period, (1976-2016), they went 149-298-3 without collecting a Grey Cup.

For all the misery however, even a poor team is better than no team. From 2006-2013 there was no CFL franchise in Ottawa. REDBLACKS fans would surely much rather be looking at how to improve their team than to not have one at all.

Quarterback Problems

Things don’t get any better for Ottawa either. As we have recently remarked, there have been a rash of quarterback injuries around the league. And the team from the nation’s capital have once again fallen foul of this. Both of the REDBLACKS quarterbacks were injured during this contest. Dominique Davis (hamsting) and Matt Nichols (hand/wrist), both left the game.

Which left receiver Nate Behar filling in at quarterback to finish the game. He completed one pass for a three yard game. It certainly asks questions of the CFL policy of having 2 active quarterbacks on the game day squad.

As for who will step up next, who knows? Taryn Christion is on the practice sqaud. Ottawa recently signed Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges too. But neither has played a down in the CFL. Will they explore the market? None of this will help them right the ship quickly.

What next for Ottawa?

The REDBLACKS are looking for the misery to end. Image from

In the roughly six and a half on field seasons the REDBLACKS have played they have gone 45-67-2. Including a 4-20 run between the last two seasons (so far). It is a long way to fall for a team that between 2015 and 2018 made the playoffs every year, and contested the Grey Cup on three occasions, winning it all in 2016.

Fans will have a lot of questions for General Manager Marcel Desjardins and his team. Especially as decline seems to have set in since the team opted not to re-sign a collection of key players for the 2019 season. Whilst letting potential stating QB Nick Arbuckle slip away to Toronto has not looked like a good move with the issues Ottawa have faced at that position.

The Ottawa REDBLACKS schedule next sees them hosting the Edmonton Elks in week 9. A loss there would take them to 12 straight home defeats, tying the second longest streak. If they were to set a new record it would be in a November home tie with the Toronto Argonauts. REDBLACKS fans will be hoping things have turned around significantly by then.

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