NFL Power Rankings – Week 6. Congested Top 10.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 6. Congested Top 10.
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There is less fragility in our NFL power rankings heading into week 6. Last week saw the Arizona Cardinals remain top of the pecking order, but we also have some key fallers.

Here are our NFL Power Rankings going into week 6!

1.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsARIZONA CARDINALS5-0
2.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsBUFFALO BILLS4-1
3.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsTAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS4-1
4.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLA RAMS4-1
5.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLA CHARGERS4-1
6.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsBALTIMORE RAVENS4-1
7.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDALLAS COWBOYS4-1
8.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCLEVELAND BROWNS3-2
9.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsGREEN BAY PACKERS4-1
10.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsKANSAS CITY CHIEFS2-3
11.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCINCINNATI BENGALS3-2
12.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW ORLEANS SAINTS3-2
13.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsTENNESSEE TITANS3-2
14.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsSAN FRANCISCO 49ERS2-3
15.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsSEATTLE SEAHAWKS2-3
16.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsMINNESOTA VIKINGS2-3
17.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCAROLINA PANTHERS3-2
18.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS2-3
19.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDENVER BRONCOS3-2
20.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLAS VEGAS RAIDERS3-2
21.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsPHILADELPHIA EAGLES2-3
22.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCHICAGO BEARS3-2
23.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsPITTSBURGH STEELERS2-3
24.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsWASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM2-3
25.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsATLANTA FALCONS2-3
26.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsINDIANAPOLIS COLTS1-4
27.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW YORK GIANTS1-4
28.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsMIAMI DOLPHINS1-4
29.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDETROIT LIONS0-5
30.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW YORK JETS1-4
31.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsHOUSTON TEXANS1-4
32.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsJACKSONVILLE JAGUARS0-5



Josh Allen back in the record books after Bills win
Image Credit: Bills Wire-USA Today

The Cardinals remain the only unbeaten team and have earned their top spot. But, the Bills have moved it up a gear since their opening weekend loss to the Steelers. After a convincing win against a stalling Chiefs defence, Buffalo are asking all the right questions. 

The rest of the top 10 is rather congested. There are multiple teams vying for position. The Chargers, Cowboys and Ravens can all feel hard done by after putting together top 4 seasons credentials. The Chargers and the Ravens play in week 6. That is a matchup to watch.

Cleveland makes way for some teams to move up after losing a tight one to the Chargers. Baker Mayfield and the Browns offence need to start finishing off 4th quarter drives.

As we head into the teens the gridlock continues. The Titans rise thanks in part to the performances of Derrick Henry. He now has more rushing yards than 25 teams as he makes another push for OPOY. 

The Bengals are motoring towards the top 10. They lost to the Packers on Sunday and should have come out of that game with a win if it wasn’t for an outrageous kicking battle.


Derek Carr's newfound fearlessness has the Raiders rolling - Sports  Illustrated
Image Credit: Sports Illustrated

The Raiders have come to an absolute standstill. After the week they have had with Gruden leaving the team, they are likely to head further south. 

The Bears, on the other hand, continue to be better with Justin Fields as their starter. Chicago play Green Bay in week 6 which should be a more difficult game than the Raiders. 

The Jets were unimpressive in London and struggled to get anything going in the first half. They tried to launch a 3rd quarter comeback, but ultimately faltered. 

For their opposition, the Falcons, they were in cruise control for most of the game. We finally got to see Kyle Pitts put it together and Cordarrelle Patterson continues to be one of the Falcons best players. 

They may be 0-5, but the Lions have been in every game they have played this season. Looking promising and being in games, while also looking at a low draft pick in 2022 could be the best of both worlds for Detroit. 

Miami have now lost 4 in a row. The Dolphins are at their lowest. But, Tua looks likely to return from injury reserve and will be favourites to beat the Jaguars in London. Jacksonville don’t have the players upfront to make Tua’s life difficult and so the Jaguars are going to need to play at 100 mph to get a result.

Who are you higher on and who are you lower on? Let us know what you think of our NFL Power Rankings over on Twitter @NinetynineYards and @Owain_Jones_

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