Super Bowl LVI – Factsheet

Super Bowl LVI – Factsheet
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After a bit of information before Super Bowl LVI? Maybe you are looking to top up your knowledge or get some facts to entertain your mates. Here are some facts about the Super Bowl and about this year’s Super Bowl LVI.



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Super Bowl Sunday is second on the early standings of average food consumed. Thanksgiving tops the list, but Super Bowl Sunday is a night to party. According to the United Foot Union in 2020, 12 million slices of pizza, 1.4 billion chicken wings, almost 4 million pounds of popcorn and over 11 million pounds of potato chips will be consumed. They also estimate that the average viewer will consume over 2400 calories during the game. 

As for the drink, almost 52 million crates of beer are sold every year; which the United Food Union estimate could fill 170 Olympic swimming pools.


On Super Bowl Sunday, NBC are expected to get over $500 million in advert fees! A 30 second ad is going for $6.5 million, which according to Fox Sports is up by almost $1 million from last year. They are also reporting that this year’s advert slots were sold out back in September!

It will also mark the 2nd time in a row that Coca-Cola have not got an advert slot.


Column: By halftime, CDC guidelines for Super Bowl parties will be  intercepted by old habits - Chicago Tribune
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The Super Bowl regularly averages around 100 million views. In 2021 the figure was 96.4 million viewers which was surprisingly the lowest since 2007. 

The record is currently held by Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 which saw 114 million viewers. But, a prediction by PredictHQ expects the record to be broken for Super Bowl LVI and approximates 117 million viewers.


With the gambling and betting sector growing every year in the US, the American Gambling Association is estimating a record number will be gambling during Super Bowl LVI. Their estimation is that over 31 million Americans will gamble over $7.5 billion on the big game.

The Bengals are a 4 point underdog according to the bookies, which has led to money being laid on Cincinnati. Forbes reports that one individual has a $4.5 million bet on the Bengals to win.  

Remember if you are planning on betting, please gamble responsibly. 

The ‘Sick’ Day

If you are smart enough you will have already booked the Monday following the Super Bowl off. Over 11 million Americans have already taken advantage of annual leave and have a sanctioned day off.

If you don’t have agreed time off, maybe you are considering being a part of the 17.5 million people the Workforce Institute predicts will pull a sicky. 

The Broadcast

Cris Collinsworth slid in from the left, taking Twitter by surprise
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The game will be broadcast on NBC in the US and will see Al Michaels on the mic for this 11th Super Bowl. He will be joined by Chris Collinsworth. This is expected to be Al Michaels final Super Bowl with his contract up with NBC pending a huge contract offer from Amazon.

National Anthem

Mikey Guyton will sing the national anthem. The country singer will sing The Star-Spangled Banner with the over/under currently set at 1:40. The shortest national anthem was Billy Joel in just 1:30 with the highest being Alicia Keys at 2:35.

Halftime Show

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The halftime show in Super Bowl LVI is one of the most anticipated in history. It will feature Mary J. Blige, Eminem as well as LA locals Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg! 

The producers and NFL have gone to lengths to make sure we don’t know anything about the halftime show. They have been pumping in rock music during rehearsals to keep us out of the loop. 

The halftime show lasts for 12 minutes and is almost guaranteed to draw in record viewers. No artists get paid for doing a halftime show at the Super Bowl, but the NFL does cover the costs of the show.

Coin Toss

For the last 8 Super Bowls, every team that has won the pre match coin toss has ended up losing the game. The toss is called by the away team, that is the LA Rams and the NFC team in the Super Bowl has a 37-18 winning record. Read into that what you will…


Super Bowl 56 will be the lowest seeded Super Bowl matchup in history. Both the Cincinnati Bengals and LA Rams were the #4 seed and this is the first time 2 #4 seeds will face each other. 

National Champion

LSU, Joe Burrow win national championship to cap dream season - Sports  Illustrated
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If The Bengals were to win Super Bowl LVI, Joe Burrow would become only the third quarterback to win both a Super Bowl and College Football National Championship. Only Joe Montana and Joe Namath have done it previously. They are not your Average Joe’s.

A First

The Bengals have never won a Super Bowl. But neither have the LA Rams. The Rams have won a Super Bowl, but not in LA.

When the Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999, they were the St. Louis Rams. As the ‘LA’ Rams the Rams are 0-2 in Super Bowls. LA has won a Super Bowl though, when the LA Raiders won XVIII. So, the Rams winning would be a first for the ‘LA’ Rams.

Number 1 Picks

Super Bowl LVI will be only the second time two #1 overall draft picks will face off. The first was in Super Bowl 50 when Cam Newton faced off against Peyton Manning. Joe Burrow was the 1st overall pick in 2020 and Matthew Stafford was the 1st draft pick in 2009. 

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