Techno Thursday should come back ASAP in Seattle!

Techno Thursday should come back ASAP in Seattle!
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The Seattle Seahawks brought us a movement last season known as Techno Thursday which includes short shorts, blasting techno music and adults just having fun.

It all started thanks to Jordan Roos short shorts and former Seahawk tight end Luke Willson who kick-started the idea of having a fun practice ahead of the weekend’s game.

Let’s not forget those bizarrely beautiful end zone techno pumps after a touchdown at CenturyLink Field thanks to Jimmy Graham.

But will we see it the event which had converts of Russel Wilson and even head coach Pete Carroll [albeit it was short shorts over his khaki’s] back this year?

Cornerback Neiko Thorpe hopes despite Willson’s departure to the Detroit Lions the movement will very much still be alive.

Who wears the short shorts? [Credit: The Seattle Times]
“I want to bring it back. I tell you what – if it doesn’t you are still going to see me with the original techno Thursday shorts on every Thursday. I will have mine on,” he said when speaking to Ninety-Nine Yards in London on Wednesday.

“I am going to try and get the guys to do it. Luke [Willson] that started it he has gone but I am going to try and keep it going it is funny.

“When they use to play the techno music, before that I had never done any fist pumping or techno dancing or anything!

“When it happened I loved it. Just imagine you are already in where the 12s at – they are alive already – and then they turn they techno on and it is just great!

“I love it – I am going to push for it. If they don’t I will have it on.”

There have been many changes to Seattle’s roster this offseason with the likes of Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor retiring and Richard Sherman moving to the San Francisco 49ers.

It may take one of the old guards to teach the new rookies all about the short shorts and techno moves but what about how they will contribute to the team as a whole?

Critics ranked their draft as one of the worst during 2018 but Thorpe believes “critics’ energy create the best athletes”.

One man that impressed Thorpe during the rookie camp was none other than Shaquem Griffin.

Shaquem joins brother Shaquill in Seattle [Credit: ESPN]
Thorpe added: “I say impressed but far from surprised. I saw it in him so I knew he was a baller and I was hoping we got him.

“When we did I was stoked and I stayed around for rookie minicamp just to check those guys out and I thought ‘wow’.

“What’s up baby Shaq! We call his brother [Shaquill] Shaq so now that he is there we call him baby Shaq – he hates that!

“But he is rookie so it’s either rookie or baby Shaq what do you want? He is definitely a baller and I think a lot of people will see his game – I look forward to it.”

The 28-year-old has appeared in 29 games for Seattle and will be entering his third season as a Seahawk.

Techno Thursday reaches the end zone [Credit: Q13 Fox]
Thorpe has primarily contributed as a member of the special teams but with the likes of Sherman DeShawn Shead and Jeremy Lane having left, he may have a leg up on some of the younger guys due to having experience and familiarity with their defensive schemes.

When asked about how he was preparing for the season he said: “I have been training a lot this offseason in Seattle, I have been in Atlanta and California but everywhere I go I have been training.

“I worked out in London before we started these events because training camp is just around the corner – we are looking forward to it.

“The OTAs and minicamps were like a tease because you can’t really get to it and you have so many rules but now it is training camp and pre-season so we are all excited and ready to get going – can’t wait.”

The movement Techno Thursday is hoping to make a comeback during the 2018 season.

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