3 teams to avoid in online CFM leagues

3 teams to avoid in online CFM leagues
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That time is nearly upon us where we find out what franchise we are trying to lead to glory in Madden 19’s Connected Franchise Mode.

As we wait for the game to be released, be it via EA Access, Hall of Fame edition early access or when the game is out worldwide on August 10, attention naturally turns to what teams people will want. And the ones you hope to avoid.

Below are the three teams that would leave you with a bad taste in their mouth if you are unfortunate to be given them in an online connected franchise league this year.


Buffalo Bills

Having had this team in Madden 18, I know first hand what this roster is like. And it’s only gotten worse.

Josh Allen may have been drafted with 99 throw power, but who is he throwing the ball to?

Shady McCoy can still run the ball but behind what offensive line?

Tre’Davious White may be a stud corner but where’s his help?

Who is going to rush the passer?

This team needs a total rebuild and doesn’t even have the players to trade for a decent haul of picks. Easily the worst team to get when the draw is made in Preston.


New England Patriots

Ouch, another AFC East team.

Tom Brady and Gronk are the two standout players in this team. Outside of that, this roster is pretty threadbare.

It has a few pieces, Sony Michel, Danny Shelton,Dont’a Hightower, Julian Edelman, but these are players that Bill Belichick will get the best out of but on Madden may not shine.

Given that you don’t know how long you will get out of TB12 and Gronk’s proneness to be out for multiple weeks, you may find yourself needing to rebuild the entire roster just to get through the first season with a decent record – although having a top 10 pick in the first draft may be the best thing for this team.

This team has taken a few steps back since Madden 18.

Jimmy G is no longer a Patriot so you don’t have that to fall back on, be it as a trade piece or successor to Brady.

Malcolm Butler and Brandin Cooks have departed leaving an ageing squad needing a lot of work.

Some may be able to make it work from the get go. But for many, it’s too big a task given that a large majority of the teams in the NFL have better bases to build on.


Washington Redskins

This one was a toss up between Washington, Cincinnati and Seattle. Washington just edged it.

Personally, I refuse to call them by their other name due to the history of the word, having to wear their jerseys just wouldn’t sit well with me.

But when you look at their roster, there isn’t much there.

Sure, you have Alex Smith, Jordan Reed, Derrius Guice and a few other players.

But it’s nothing to write home about.

The Seahawks still have Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and for the time being Earl Thomas. It arguably needs as much work as the Washington roster as the Legion of Boom have all but gone.

But Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Rashaad Penny, the Griffin twins, there is enough to work with.

The Bengals also have a few pieces, AJ Green, John Ross, Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Tyler Eifert, and better unis than Washington, sometimes that can make all the difference.

Like the previous teams on this list, too much work needs to be done for this Washington team to be ready to compete for the division.


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