BAFA Flag Football

BAFA Flag Football
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As regular readers know from my articles, Britball is becoming increasingly popular and more importantly – supported here. Besides kitted football, there is also a thriving flag football format.

Flag is the non-contact version of American football where “tackles” are made by pulling off the flags that are worn by the players. For NFL fans, it may not sound that exciting. For the participants it is the ideal way for fans to compete in the sport they love.

Without the need to purchase the expensive kit, flag football is an excellent means of playing football and it requires the same skills. Even with just five players on each side, the running, passing and receiving attributes required in the kitted game are still necessary to succeed.

BAFA Opal Series

The BAFA Opal series kicked off Saturday. Divided between North and South Conferences, the series will see four rounds played at different locations before the top four teams from each Conference will advance to the National Finals November 24th.

Watching the Southern Conference Game Day One hosted by the Coventry Cougars, it was clear to see why this sport is so popular. Players can display their adroitness and speed and it certainly replaces any visit to the gym as the perfect way to keep fit.

I was amazed by the players who manage to combine the competitiveness the sport demands with the comradeship between the teams that can be rare to see. The games were played in an amazing spirit that was a pleasure to watch.

Most teams appear to have Facebook pages, so if you are interested in joining any of them, please check out the list below to see if there is one near you.

Opal Series North
Chorley Buccaneers
East Kilbride Pirates
Manchester Titans
Sheffield Giants
Sheffield Hallam Warriors
Sheffield Hallam Rangers
University of Nottingham Gold
University of Nottingham Green

Opal Series South
Black Widows
Coventry Cougars
Coventry Cougars Juniors
Hyde Park Renegades
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts
Staffordshire Saxons
Warwick Wolverines

Above photo of Steph Wyant scoring for the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts in round one courtesy of @SteelUK

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