You always remember your first time: the 1948 Grey Cup

You always remember your first time: the 1948 Grey Cup
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They say you always remember your first time. In Grey Cup terms that is. This coming the Sunday the champions of the CFL East and West Divisions, the Ottawa REDBLACKS and the Calgary Stampeders will contest the CFL championship in the 106th Grey Cup match.

The first time these two franchises met for the venerable trophy was as recently as 2016, but the two cities have a history that goes further back. Because of that I thought it might be interesting to recall the first Grey Cup meeting between the two cities.

What does this have to do with the 1948 Grey Cup? Well the 36th edition of the game was the first time that teams from Ottawa and Calgary squared off for the Cup.

Sixty years on it is doubtless still fondly remembered in Calgary as it was to be their first win. Ottawa fans on the other hand will be hoping for a repeat of the REDBLACKS last trip to the Cup game rather than seeing them fall short as the Rough Riders did all those years ago.

A Perfect Season

The Calgary Stampeders were undefeated in all of their games that they played this season, and as of 2018, remain the only team in the history of what is now the CFL to do so.

Calgary outlasted the Ottawa Rough Riders 12-7 before a crowd of 20,013 at Varsity Stadium Toronto. In doing so they became only the second West Division team to win the Grey Cup after Winnipeg. You can read more about the game on the Stamps website

The Calgary defence was able to stop the favoured Rough Rider drives at the 8, 10 and 22 yard lines and hold them scoreless on each occasion.

The highlight of the game was the “sleeper play”. A play that was later outlawed by the CFL in 1961.  The Stamps scored a touchdown when Norm Hill hid near the sidelines (he actually flopped onto the field, face first). Then when Spaith threw the ball Hill caught it while lying on his back.  The score was referred to for years as the “sitting touchdown.”

The 2018 Grey Cup

Once again Ottawa and Calgary will face off in the Cup. We might be hoping for a slightly higher scoring game than this one. Most of all though we’ll be hoping for a closely contested, entertaining match-up.

If you are watching the game in the UK then BT Sport/EPSN has coverage scheduled to start from 11 PM. So you will be able to see live action from the 106th Grey Cup as the Canadian Football League season comes to a conclusion at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. If it’s anything like the last two affairs you’ll be in for a rousing game.


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