Bo knows awards: CFL silverware season shows off the stars

Bo knows awards: CFL silverware season shows off the stars
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‘Bo knows’. Two short words but they conjures an image. It’s a testament to the enduring power of Nike’s adverts for cross trainers in 1989 and 1990 that for many those two words still bring Bo Jackson to mind.

Great as Bo Jackson was – especially if you had him on your tecmo bowl team, this isn’t about him. This is about Bo Levi Mitchell and the other award winners at the recent CFL awards.

The 2018 Grey Cup finalists are well represented here. The Stamps have Mitchell as MOP for the second time in his CFL career. Ottawa meanwhile have the Most Outstanding Canadian in Brad Sinopoli & the Most Outstanding Rookie/Special teams player in Lewis Ward.

We have been following the progress of both Sinopoli and Ward throughout the season so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see them here. Mitchell on the other hand had to overcome a slump in the Stamps season tied to a slew of injuries to receivers to get to this point.

Bo knows

The Stamps have been upset in the last two Grey Cups. Because of that it’s easy to forget that Bo knows Grey Cup. He will start his fourth Grey Cup on Sunday night, including his third in a row.

Mitchell has won a Grey Cup, been a Grey Cup MVP and has the highest winning percentage of any CFL quarterback. This is all very nice for Bo and the other award winners. The happiest people of all will be those lifting the Grey Cup on Sunday though.

Whenever awards like this are given out, or all-star teams are named there will always be debate. That’s all part of the fun of it all. So you may not agree with the winners but they are named below.


The full list of current player awards is as follows:

Most Outstanding Player Bo Levi Mitchell
Coach of the Year Chris Jones
Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman Stanley Bryant
Most Outstanding Defensive Player Adam Bighill
Most Outstanding Special Teams Player Lewis Ward
Most Outstanding Rookie Lewis Ward
Most Outstanding Canadian Brad Sinopoli


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