Torey Hunter’s twitter trolling calamity: BC Lions man suspended over ‘burner’ account.

Torey Hunter’s twitter trolling calamity: BC Lions man suspended over ‘burner’ account.
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TSN have reported that the B.C. Lions suspended director of player personnel and player development Torey Hunter for 90 days in November.

This followed a CFL investigation finding Hunter was behind an account using inside information to criticise the Edmonton Eskimos

Hunter worked for the Eskimos as a regional scout for four years. He joined former Edmonton general manager Ed Hervey in B.C. when he became Lions’ GM after the 2017 season.

The TSN article notes this dates back to 2018 when the Esks raised concerns about an account. It was said to be “responding to official Edmonton team news with inside information that was both critical and contradictory to the team’s messaging.

That may leave CFL fans, (particularly Edmonton fans), wondering what this account was and just what information Hunter was revealing.

Arguably that ‘inside information’ wasn’t personal or personnel related. Because if it had been perhaps the punishment would be bigger.

In the NBA 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo had his own burner account scandal. He resigned.

This does not appear to be on that scale. We don’t know if the Lions or the CFL have done the right things. We don’t know a great deal about it really.

What we do know is this. You should always be aware when you use social media. Be aware that it can be traced and that it is out there forever.

Every workplace has a social media policy these days. It is to avoid calamities just such as this.

Let’s hope people avoid these pitfalls from now on. We want to focus on the roster moves right now, not anybody’s social media mistakes.

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