Cowboys win! – Seahawks fold like a cheap suit

Cowboys win! – Seahawks fold like a cheap suit
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Now that I’ve calmed down – and wish I could say the same for Seahawks twitter – it’s time to have a think about the Cowboys win in the wild card round of the playoffs. 

Congratulations to the Cowboys, I may not like them but I have to respect their players, so many of them were playing the game of their lives Saturday, especially on defence, Demarcus Lawrence had the Seahawks running game in his pocket all night, and boy did he need to because the Seahawks really tried to get it going! Ezequiel Elliott too was held for the most part, despite his impressive stats, most of his yards were from just a few longer runs where one Seahawk or another missed an assignment. 

The two quarterbacks, one from the 3rd round of the draft and the other from the 4th, showed the Giants and Jags that perhaps they do not need to reach this year for “the man”, both were equally impressive on the night, Dak in particular showed huge guts, remaining in plays and connected with a somewhat banged up (to say the least!) receiver group, and getting hit a lot in the process. When allowed to Wilson made spectacular throws and his partnership with Tyler Lockett which yielded a perfect passer rating in the regular season looked as epic as always. 

The Cowboys won this game, and deservedly so, but all the talk since has been of the vanilla play calling from Brian Schottenheimer, the blame for this cannot lie solely at his door, he has a head coach next to him who decides the playing style, and could at any time said, “hey Bri Bri, how about you use this Superbowl winning quarterback a little bit before the next Carson run straight at the Dline?”. Indeed the way which the Seahawks appear to give up on a drive after one setback – an example being when taking a sack to become 2nd and 20, they run 2 plays which simply bought room for the punter instead of trying to make the down – simply exacerbates the problem, if you spend your day trying not to lose, you will forget to try and win. 

I refuse to be so matter of fact as some fans, regular readers and listeners will know that I have not been at all keen on the team for the whole year, they perhaps got as far as they could, as far as they deserved and that’s just a sad fact. No, the era the Seahawks are in has been celebrated too often by pundits and made fans feel like there is so much more to them. The team, is actually in a rebuild, despite what you read, in the words of Deion Sanders “they’re alright”!

The Cowboys however looked dangerous, they have a group of very good hungry players and will go as far as DakPrescott’s rookie contract will take them – until such time that perhaps they can’t afford all of Lawrence, Cooper, Elliot, Collins, Smith, Jones and Martin. They could do well in L.A. the Dallas strengths match up well against the Rams just as they did against the Seahawks. I begrudgingly wish them luck, for an entertaining game. 

By the way, PFF’s top rated quarterback of the Wild Card Weekend? Russell C Wilson, go figure! 

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