Fixing Franchise: Reconnecting after a disconnect

Fixing Franchise: Reconnecting after a disconnect
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As one Madden games comes to a close, speculation mounts regarding the next iteration of the NFL juggernaut. In this series, we will be looking at ways EA can improve the game, from gameplay to the different modes.

EA released a new patch for Madden 19 yesterday, a mere eight days after the last one.

This patch basically fixed things the last one broke, while ignoring the biggest broken mechanic the February 26th update caused – players falling forward when tackled.

One of the things the patches is meant to have fixed was “General Stability improvements – Additional logging to track online desyncs.”

The notes goes on to say: “While our internal tracking shows that online desyncs are occurring at a very low rate when looking across all online play, we realize that any desyncs impacting higher level online competitions have a big impact on play-experience. We’re continuing to work to drive down the rate, especially focusing on competitive formats and this tracking will help us identify the causes.”

What about a focus on the desyncs in online CFM games?

This seems to be getting worse and there has been no word from developers about trying to solve this problem.

Given that it is one that has been ongoing for a few Maddens, it is one of the biggest indications that those at EA care more about appeasing the MUT and online H2H players than those who play a mode which has been largely ignored for years.

What infuriates players is that desyncs in CFM games force players to start the game from the beginning, losing all stats from the game.

That, in 2019, there still isn’t a way for the game reconnect you back into the game where the game froze is frankly appalling.

No one has quite been able to work out what causes the desyncs but one example of it occurring on multiple occasions is when accepting a penalty, on either side of the ball, the game then goes into a soft lock and players are unable to pick a play.

The camera is still moving, the play clock is winding down, you can even call timeouts, but the match is done.

Stats in online CFMs, more so than offline ones, are harder to come by, especially in a 32-team league.

For those who play in leagues, how often have you been leading in a game where your stars have great stat lines, momentum is going your way only for you to lose connection and when you restart the game, you are totally unable to move the ball and you go on to lose?

Or you win but the pick six from your rookie cornerback has been lost and he loses out on vital XP because of it?

All of a sudden, you are trying to get back those lost stats for the rest of the season but you can’t.

If EA and Madden can’t solve desyncs, they can at least add in a way for online games to pick up where they left off.

Or allow you to manually input stats, if you want to, in sim games. 

Not all games suddenly end because of bugs in the game, you can lose internet connection or power and you can’t control that.

Or it could be as simple as you need to go out and don’t have time to finish your match-up so you want to continue it at a later time.

It’s great that the game gives you the option give a particular team a win but the touchdowns, sacks, interceptions, injuries, receiving yards etc are just as important as the W in the win/loss column.

Franchise mode brings in no extra money for the game once it is released, while MUT brings in millions and I’m sure competitive gaming also brings in a fair amount of pocket change.

Devs are trying to fix the desync issue in one area of the game, rectifying it for franchise mode, or giving players ways to cope with it better, has to be next on their priority list.

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