College Football gaming set to return with Maximum Football 2019

College Football gaming set to return with Maximum Football 2019
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College Football is returning to our consoles in 2019, in what could be the game football fans have craved for years.

Ever since the NCAA series was stripped away from gamers, the clamour for it’s return has increased year on year.

Canuck Play has played a blinder, the way they have listened to the community and attempted to plug the glaring hole in the market.

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2018 is already on the market, a game in which you can play games with NFL, CFL, and college rules.

It even has a spring league.

However, it’s the addition of a college dynasty mode in the next edition of the game, Maximum Football 2019, which has pulses racing.

Details are being released slowly, that can be sped up by becoming a Patreon here, but it’s an exciting time for the football community.

Will this be the second-coming of NCAA?

Will this be a competing against Madden from the bat or can the two co-exist in harmony?

Regardless, the fact that college, and football, fans will have the opportunity to build a dynasty will have people intrigued in this game from day one.

The way in which this game is being developed is a clear indicator that this is being done for the disenfranchised Madden fans, as well as players who miss college games.

Tweeting videos of the motion capture process for animations, showing the photos of the redesigned player models – it’s an open process and fans are made to feel like they are part of it from the ground up.

Even the billboard in Nashville, “College Football gaming is back” is a lovely touch, if you didn’t know what Maximum Football 2019 is about, you do now.

Though it could backfire.

When I see that college football gaming is back, I expect college names, college players, college divisions, Bowl games.

Clemson, Alabama, Michigan, LSU, Miami Hurricanes.

Jake Fromm. Tua Tagovailoa, Grant Delpit, Najee Harris, Chase Young.

PAC 12. Big 10. SEC. Sun Belt.

Rose Bowl. Fiesta Bowl. Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Unless Canuck Play has struck a deal with the NCAA, what fans will be getting is a football game with a college dynasty mode and structure.

There’s a subtle difference and if consumers buy the game expecting the above and get randomised, generic players playing for made-up colleges, would they be disappointed? Let down? Deceived?

Obviously it remains to be seen.

But college football is making a return to console and it should be celebrated.


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