Janikowski retires but leaves a legacy

Janikowski retires but leaves a legacy
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Sebastian Janikowski, who has spent 19 seasons as a kicker in the NFL, announced his retirement.

This is according to a report by ESPN.

At the age of 41 injuries have begun to take its toll on the man nicknamed Seabass.

Janikowski told ESPN’s Adam Schefter he felt it was time to retire, turn into a cabdriver and take this three girls to school.

Cemented in the NFL books

But let’s not forget the legacy he leaves behind

He was a first round draft pick at 17th overall in 2000 – the highest selection in his position.

Janikowski overcame an iffy rookie season and received, at the time, the biggest kicker contract in league history.

Seabass spent a whopping 18 seasons with the Raiders.

He made 268 appearances in Oakland but was not retained after sitting out the 2017 season with a back injury.

During free agency in 2018, Seattle picked him up on a one-year option.

People will have favourite memories of the big-built guy who let his leg fly.

At the Wembley game, he was given a new nickname of Jan Jan the cheer-leading man by my friend and myself.

(Not my finest work).

Janikowski’s Stats

During what would be his final season in the NFL in Seattle he converted 22 out of 27 field goal tries.

Three of these were from 50 or beyond.

Seahawks’ punter Michael Dickson with Seabass (Credit: Seattle Times)

This included that 52-yarder as the buzzer went to allow the Seahawks to beat Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Overall, the famous kicker is tied ninth all time in made field goals with 436.

But he absolutely takes the title for all-time leader in kicks made of 50 yards or longer with an astounding 58.

Super Bowl ‘hurt’

His only hurt of his career was not winning the SuperBowl with Oakland.

“It was a good run. I still think of the Super Bowl – it still hurts,” he said of the Raiders’ 48-21 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Everyone at NinetyNineYards wish you all the best in your retirement Jan Jan! No OK this will never stick – I get it!

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