Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!
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Happy Canada day! As Canada celebrates the nation’s 152nd birthday, the festivities are being celebrated in the UK. In that most British of ways – with a pub crawl!

For the Canada day weekend the CFL has gone red and white. This celebration of all things Canadian, combined with my love of the CFL game seems the perfect time to remind fans in the UK just where they can find lots of fabulous content.

Canadian Content

So if you are a CFL fan in the UK where do you find your content? Well, we obviously think you’ve made a good start by landing on this site!

Alongside us you should be keeping up to date with the league’s own excellent and engaging website.

It may be that you have taken the time to pick a team. If so you may well want to check out their own website. The links are on the main site. Also, yes you can translate the Montreal Alouettes pages into English!

Another site that has plenty of rolling CFL news is 3 Down Nation. You can also choose to find news on particular teams here.

Podcast Paradise

We recently had our first CFL themed podcast. But there is already an excellent network of podcasts out there covering the league and the 9 individual teams.

You can find at least one for every team on the Canadian Football Podcast Network.

Alongside that the league provides its own podcast content. you can listen to the waggle and the CFL fantasy podcast for example.

Watching the Action

The CFL is being shown by BT sport for the fifth year in a row. It doesn’t always show every game but there is enough action to whet the appetite of a new fan and sate the needs of an established one.

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to BT Sport you can still get a feel for games from the excellent highlights the League puts together.

If by any chance you are outside the UK in Europe you can stream games too. This is available via CFL Gamepass. Just don’t spend time trying to access it in the UK. The BT sport deal means this is not available here!

Fantasy and beyond

When learning about a new league or a new game it can help to get involved with other online content.

A great place to learn about players that may be new to you and their worth is through CFL fantasy and Pick Em games.

We recently gave you a rundown on the fantasy game and how it works which my be helpful too.

You can also get involved in a very healthy online social scene with CFL fans. Team rivalries do exist but everybody is very pro the league and the 3 down game.

Celebrating the Game

The CFL will play the last game of week 3 tonight. The Saskatchewan Roughriders will host the Toronto Argonauts.

It should be quite the occasion as the largest Canadian flag in sports is unveiled and people having the chance to take the citizenship oath together.

For us though it is a celebration of the game. We are only 3 weeks from kickoff and already the season is in full glorious swing.

The first European Draft has happened, the first points have been scored by a global player. Pro football is here and it here now.

Happy Canada Day! Enjoy the day. Enjoy the season. Most of all enjoy the fast, athletic, skill filled games on display.

Banner image : Henry Burris & the Grey Cup in London for Canada’s’ 150 year celebrations. Image from cfl.ca

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