Fantasy Football Emergency Help: Week Two Assistance.

Fantasy Football Emergency Help: Week Two Assistance.
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It’s game day! There will be tens of thousands of you across the world setting your fantasy football line ups for today, and trying your absolute hardest to best your league friends. If you picked up your first victory of the season last week, well done! You’re probably sitting comfortable this week, more relaxed then the guy who fell at the first hurdle and picked up a defeat. That guy, this article is for you. You’re probably panicked and, at this moment, desperate. What I vow to do is help you, help you find players out there that could help you find that victory you’re so desperately craving.

For everyone that has ever played fantasy football, you will understand the importance of the wavier wire, the free market. There will be players that have been barely drafted across all different league sites that will become staples of teams by December. It’s always the way. It will always be the same. It’s part of my real love for fantasy football, finding that player that hasn’t been drafted, and him becoming your teams saviour of the season.

I will look to find you options that are under 50% owned in fantasy football leagues. All owns and start stats are from NFL Fantasy.

Call this your last ditch effort. We’ve all been there. So lets get to it!

Gardner Minshew, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars (Own: 1.7% – Start: 0.5%)

It’s a good job we are not assessing Minshew on his looks or dress sense, but solely on his ability to move the Jaguars down the field, and ultimately to a win a game. The rookie looked great in his debut after being tossed into the deep end. He completed 88% of his passes, more then legendary Drew Brees in Week one, for 275 yards and two touchdowns, despite not playing a full game. I was impressed with how he handled pressure and punishing blitzes. He threw for those two touchdowns when blitzed, which you rarely see from a rookie.

Foles may have to step aside from Minshew instead, as I think there’s a decent chance he holds on to the starting gig even when Foles returns. Although the Texans aren’t the easiest opponents, we also saw how much they gave up once they went into prevent defence after getting a lead in New Orleans. The potential for garbage time points here is very real.

Malcolm Brown, RB, Los Angeles Rams (Own: 35.2% – Start: 6.2%)

We thought that if the Rams backfield that featured two players, it would be Darrell Henderson, riding shotgun to Todd Gurley. Wrong. Malcolm Brown, who scored two touchdowns on his 11 carries in week one, was a finisher for the Rams. Yes, Gurley is still the starter, he had a team high 14 carries for 97 yards, but Brown is an amazing insurance policy and could be a weekly factor too.

Carlos Hyde, RB, Houston Texans (Owns: 38.9% – Start: 7.6%)

Acquired over the Labor Day Weekend in a trade, Hyde picked up the play book relatively easily, evidently, as he handled ten carries in his Houston debut for 83 yards, showing more burst than he displayed in Jacksonville last season. The well travelled running back has a chance for a consistent role with the Texans and his early returns suggest he’ll make good on the role as he settles in more each week.

Terry McLaurin, WR, Washington Redskins (Own: 14.6% – Start: 2.9%)

There was plenty of excitement surrounding McLaurin this preseason after he developed an early rapport with future starter Dwayne Haskins. He made good on that promise despite Haskins not featuring in Week one, hauling in five catches for 125 yards and a touchdown on seven targets. There will be some weekly reservations regarding the efficiency of this passing game, but McLaurin’s deep speed and NFL readiness are already apparent enough to add him as a bench stash. He played 93% of the snaps in his first start for the Redskins and has really shone.

John Brown, WR, Buffalo Bills (Own: 29.5% – Start: 12%)

The Bills felt he had the goods to be their go-to perimeter receiver. Those Buffalo instincts were on the money in Week one, with Brown posting a 7-123-1 line on 10 targets, showing nifty downfield ability to stretch a defence, a long hallmark of his game. It was an ugly first half for the Bills’ offence, but Josh Allen turned things around in the second half, and Brown benefited, showing he is the preferred Bills wide out for fantasy purposes.

Vernon Davis, TE, Washington Redskins (Own: 8.3% – Start: 5.7%)

While it seems possible that Jordon Reed, who is currently suffering with concussion, could return in week two, the ageless wonder that is Vernon Davis is a worthwhile fill in if Reed continues to sit. He scored a touchdown in week one and remains a fantastic athlete. What a solid career he has had.

There are my fantasy football tips for this week, for you to try and go out and get. Hopefully you’re able to snag at least one or two of these guys and they help you out a little this week. Good luck! And I’ll see you on the other side, hopefully with that victory. And if not, don’t worry, we’ll go again in week three.

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