Where Will Your QB Be in 2020?

Where Will Your QB Be in 2020?
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This year more than any in the recent past it looks like the next generation of QBs is coming through. With that though means we are calling a day on established stars. Be it for their career or in their current home. There are more than a few big names scheduled to hit the open market this season. Plus a few more that may be released to free up cap space.

So for a bit of midweek fun, we thought we’d work out where each of the available (or likely available) Quarterbacks will land in 2020.

Drew Brees – New Orleans

It seems a bit silly to start with one man staying put but Drew Brees has a huge amount of attachment to the city of New Orleans. He arrivied just after Hurricane Katrina. For that reason, bar something bizarre happening, I think Brees is more likely to retire than move. And if the Saints come up short this year, he’ll want one more shot at glory.

Tom Brady – Retired

Maybe it’s hope, maybe it’s the dramatic loss of form. Either way, it really wouldn’t be a surprise to see Brady hang up his cleats after this season, especially if he wins a record seventh Super Bowl in February. Brady is on for a near identical season compared to last year in terms of yards but is on track for 24 TDs. Last year he had 29 and his potency has been lacking for much of the season as the team has really leant on the defence.

Eli Manning – Retired

Manning was benching for a second time in favour of Daniel Jones and the fact that he hasn’t seen the field through Jones’ struggles is telling. Now it looks as though a Jones injury will give Manning a bit of a retirement tour. It’s hard to see him sitting on the bench in 2020 and the Giants save $12M by cutting him. Can you really see a trade market for the veteran?

Cam Newton – Chicago

Of course this has relevance for Mitch Trubisky. It will be interesting to see what the Bears decide to do and they need to opt in to the fifth year option this offseason. Adding a QB with experience and at least some running ability will be the perfect measuring stick for Trubisky, although Newton won’t be the best technique mentor. Plus the Bears aren’t tied down to a big QB contract like others.

Phil Rivers – Tennessee

Let’s face it, there are three options for Phil Rivers. Stay in LA, Retire or move to Tennessee. If the Chargers grow tired of Rivers in the offseason, which seems increasingly likely, Rivers will either call it quits or head back to where he grew up: the south. Rivers could be the spark that this disciplined defence needs. And if Rivers struggles, Ryan Tannehill has proven to be a serviceable backup.

Teddy Bridgewater – Carolina

Bridgewater was almost swayed out of his backup role to go to Miami this year. Having been serviceable at worst as a starter in New Orleans earlier this season, it’s easy to see him moving elsewhere. With Kyle Allen showing flashes, a competent, consistent Bridgewater would be a sensible option for the Panthers.

Nick Foles – Indianapolis

It doesn’t look like it has worked out for Nick Foles in Jacksonville. With Gardner Minshew now seen as the long term option, Foles may be best placed elsewhere as a backup or with the opportunity to compete for the starting role. Brissett has been fine this year since being launched into the starting role days before the season. Perhaps competition and support from a Super Bowl-winning supersub is what he needs to get this talented team to the playoffs.

Jameis Winston – Washington

It’s touch and go whether the Bucs keep hold of Winston. My gut feeling is that Bruce Arians is in win-now mode and hasn’t seen enough in Winston this season. With big questions around Dwayne Haskins, it may be worth bringing Winston in as a stop gap but it will depend on who they hire as Coach and whether they can live with high risk, high reward play rom Winston.

Marcus Mariota – LA Chargers

With Phil Rivers potentially on his way out in LA, that leaves a space. Tyrod Taylor will surely be considered but Marcus Mariota will offer a steady hand. He will likely compete for the starting role in his new home but is a risk averse option as a starter or backup.

Andy Dalton – Tampa Bay

The Red Rifle could be getting a little sun burnt. With the first overall pick theirs to lose, the Bengals may well look to restart the clock without a veteran QB salary on the books. Bruce Arians has a habit of getting the best out of veterans who need a new home or fresh start. Dalton is the most talented prototypical QB available and could do wonders with the likes of Mike Evans, O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate.

Image: Mark Zaleski / Associated Press

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