Global Links Continue to grow for the CFL

Global Links Continue to grow for the CFL
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Global links are continuing to grow for the CFL. Not least because the league has announced another new partnership.

Now the CFL is partnering with the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol Americano (CBFA). This is the gridiron football federation of Brazil, and establishes the first such connection in South America.

This means Brazil has become the 13th football federation signing a co-operative agreement with the CFL.

Moving on with CFL 2.0

Since the announcement of the CFL 2.0 strategy, things have really moved up a gear in preparation for the 2020 season.

We have seen co-agreements signed between the CFL and a number of other countries’ American football organizations.

That includes leagues in MexicoGermanyFranceAustria , Scandinavia, Italy, Japan, and of course Britain.

With this latest agreement the CFL now has reached out to organizations in South America, Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

From a small start

From the 2019 season the first global players started to try and find a place in the CFL.

we saw an international combine, and the first European Draft. Teams were required to dress one ‘global’ player in year one. In some cases they were seemingly just there as support.

However some major moments happened as Winnipeg linebacker Thiadric Hansen and Hamilton kicker Gabriel Amavizca  saw playing time for example.

Hansen’s explosive tackle in the Grey Cup made it to the Semi-Finals of the Blue Bombers’ Play of the Year.

Amavizca became the answer to a quiz question when his kick made him the first global player to score in the CFL.

To Bigger things

This year it has felt like the league is really giving the global payers idea traction. Whilst in 2019, the CFL’s nine clubs featured global players on their rosters this will expand to include up-to-45 global players across the CFL in 2020.

Recent combines in Finland, Sweden and France have seen a higher caliber of player looking to try out for the CFL.

Coming next is the British Combine this weekend organized by BAFA. Let’s hope one or more of the people trying out there get an invite to the Toronto Combine and on to the Global Draft in April!

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