2019 season: Highlights to be remembered for decades

2019 season: Highlights to be remembered for decades
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The NFL is providing some much-needed respite and giving access to season highlights, a temporary escape from the troubling times we are all currently enduring across the globe.

The NFL Draft is fast approaching and it will be delivered in a very different format, virtually, so social distancing is adhered too.

With this in mind – a trip down memory lane, albeit a short one, to favourite sporting highlights of the 2019 season – as mentioned by Ninety-Nine Yards followers and writers.

So let’s get this highlights reel on the road before 2020 starts handing out new tidbits for everyone to start speaking about.

Miami Special

Most NFL fans will remember the Philly Special from the 2018 Super Bowl – A Nick Foles beauty into the end zone for a touchdown against the New England Patriots.

But 2019 sprung a new special, and a season highlight, as new head coach Brian Flores made a grand entrance onto the scene.

Dolphins special teams unit called a tricky play to set up a touchdown from punter Matt Haack to kicker Jason Sanders. If you can’t believe what you are reading take a look for yourself.

However, this move won’t be the only thing Miami fans will remember, how about December 29 2019 when they beat the New England Patriots 27-24.

Oh and that result denied the Pats a play-off bye ­– yikes.

Slip and slide

We have rain, grass, a field, football players, a celebration and Nick Bosa. That’s it. That is one of the season highlights.

MC Drew

Ok so maybe the Denver Broncos quarterback can and will come up with a better name for himself, but he sure showed other players they can have a good time on the sideline.

However, what about the press conference afterwards? The quarterback had actually no idea what he singing, but boy he’s got some interesting moves.

New dance move – the Denver Lock

Kittle’s fourth down catch

Everyone felt this one basically directed the San Francisco 49ers into the Super Bowl.

There were facemasks, headlocks, and limbs flying everywhere. The New Orleans Saints really did try everything they had to bring George Kittle down.

And yet he stood to gain 39 yards with 28 seconds on the clock to put his team in a position to win 45-46.

Winston’s five interceptions

Not going into too much detail to hurt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans, it was Winston’s first-ever five-interception game against the Carolina Panthers… in London.


Beast Mode touchdown

It’s what dreams are made of. Running back, Seahawks, Money Lynch, Century Link.

You take care of your chicken man.

Lamar Jackson

Nothing more needs to be said. His whole season was a highlight reel.

The underdogs

The Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry, beating the Baltimore Ravens, Ryan Tannehill. It all wrapped up so pretty we could make it into a movie.

Remembering the Titans! No wait that is already a film… Hollywood will come up with something!

NCAA spring up the goods

Let’s not forget about college ball though – what an exciting season this one sprung out.

Joe Burrow and LSU winning the National Championship and dethroning the Clemson Tigers is one of the main ones, but what about the rest?

The Oklahoma Sooners came from miles behind to beat the Baylor Bears 34-31. Thaddeus Moss’ ridiculous catch for LSU against Baylor.

And the Iron Bowl ­– so many highlights to re-watch.


These dudes can also surprise and show off what they are made of, so it would not be fair to not include the league in the round-up.

So our resident CFL writer Christopher R Lawton detailed his season highlights – and what crackers they are.

What could be a better personal ‘top moment’ than Week 8 of the regular season when my Toronto Argonauts upset the league-leading Winnipeg Blue Bombers? Winnipeg would go on to win the Grey Cup, but back in week 8 the day belonged to the Double Blue.

It was a real David V Goliath story too. A winless Toronto side who were 0-6, coming off a 26-0 drubbing by Edmonton the week before, and having lost to that days opponents 48-21 three weeks before. Against them stood a 5-1 Winnipeg team who had only lost for the first time the week before.

The game began in all too familiar fashion as Winnipeg raced out to a 20-0 lead. Somehow someway the Argos found a way to win – 28-27 eventually with seconds on the clock. For one game, for one day it all came together. And that would have been my ‘moment’. But then I thought can a game be a moment?

The act of the goalpost

More than that should that moment be something truly significant in the season? That’s when it hit me. The big moment, perhaps the defining moment of the 2019 CFL season came in the Western Final. It will probably go down in CFL folklore as the goalpost moment. There are arguably no greater rivals in the league than the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The Blue Bombers led by 7 with 2:30 on the clock and stopped the Roughriders at the goal-line. So when the Riders got the ball back one more time that just upped the tension. Once again Saskatchewan made it almost to the goal line.

From the 8 yard line, with 4 seconds on the clock, that’s when the goalpost came into play and the ‘moment of the season’ occurred. On a third down pass to a seemingly open Kyran Moore in the end zone, quarterback Cody Fajardo and the Rider fans looked on stunned as the ball hit the goalpost crossbar and fell away. That ding on the crossbar, that moment stunned the home crowd and sent the Bombers to their destiny claiming a long-awaited championship.  

Sure I enjoyed the Argos improbable win, but that kind of moment is the one that goes down in sporting folklore and that’s why it has to be the moment of the season for me.

Shona Duthie is a sports sub-editor in Scotland as well as an NFL writer for Ninety-Nine Yards. You can find her on Twitter @ShonaDuthie4.

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