Global Gridiron – a world of postponements and cancellations

Global Gridiron – a world of postponements and cancellations
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If you follow the global gridiron scene you will no doubt be aware that Covid-19 is having a huge impact. But just how big is that impact on upcoming seasons?

In light of the CFL commissioner suggesting no 2020 season being a probability and BAFA cancelling the British domestic contact season, just what do we know so far?

The global gridiron scene, like every other sport, has been hugely impacted by this virus. And we have yet to see how far those long-term impacts will be felt.

Below is a quick run-down on what we do know. But of course it is all subject to change

North America

As noted above the CFL season is currently in hiatus. Ideas range from no season, to a shortened post Labour Day tournament. The focus at the moment though is on funding. A plea was made by the league Commissioner Randy Ambrosie for $150 million to the standing committee on finance in Canada’s House of Commons last week.

In Mexico, in mid March, The Liga De Futbol Americano (LFA) suspended play. They were halfway through their 2020 season.

Meanwhile the NFL marches on! The league did their annual schedule release & currently look set for a planned start on September the 10th. The first casualties have been the International Series fixtures. We’ll certainly miss those here in the UK. Because of the global pandemic it remains to be seen how optimistic or realistic this planned schedule proves to be.


Here in the UK BAFA have cancelled the 2020 full contact kitted season. The door is still open for a flag football season to start in August.

The German Football League (GFL), had a short-term postponement in place initially. That has now been replaced by plans to move the season to September. The idea is to play through to November. There will be no relegation & teams will play in the same Divisions in 2021. Except second tier champs could elect to be promoted.

In an ambitious move the CAAF in the Czech Republic have scheduled a start on the 29th August.

Austria has seen the season postponed ‘until Autumn’ & Austrian Bowl XXXVI, originally scheduled for July 2020, is now postponed until 2021.

France, Switzerland, Ireland, & Italy have all written off the 2020 season. Beyond that a range of seasons remain suspended or postponed across the continent.


Arguably one of the best league’s outside of North America, the X-League, is currently postponed until October.

The American Football Association of Japan usually sees business open up in August. So it is interesting to contrast their much more cautious approach with the that of the Czech federation noted above.

The Rest

American football has spread its’ global footprint far & wide these days. Hence we note that Brazil have cancelled their season, Australia are in suspense and around Africa, South America and others lots of seasons are either suspended or written off.

If you want to check on a particular country or global American football federation, then I can do no better than recommend the excellent American Football International website.

Banner image: Another global gridiron Covid-19 casualty – the 2020 London NFL games. Image from

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