Where might Kaepernick play?

Where might Kaepernick play?
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It genuinely seems like Kaepernick may, once again, play in the NFL. On Tuesday league Commissioner Roger Goodell, when asked about a team signing Kaepernick, he would “encourage them to do that”. Quite a turn around considering 15 months ago Kaepernick settled on a lawsuit against the NFL having accused them of blacklisting him. 

Signing Kaepernick wouldn’t come without issues, but for some the reward could outweigh the risk.

Realistic landing spots


Ravens are set for the foreseeable future at QB, Lamar Jackson should have no worries of someone coming in to take his job. This is one reason Kaepernick would work in Baltimore, no “is he going to start?” pressure from fans or the media. Another reason this would work is how the ravens are set up offensively. A strong offensive line, dual threat QB, talented skilled position players and deep and an inventive playbook. All this would suit Kaepernick’s style of play.

Kaepernick could be backing up either Deshaun Watson or Lemar Jackson.


Colin Kaepernick, minority rights activist, playing in the deep south? If you’d have suggested this a few months ago you’d have been laughed at, but times change. The NFL has changed its tune on the injustices Kaepernick was kneeling for, in part thanks to the actions of it’s players. Those players included face of the Texans Deshaun Watson. Head coach and de-facto GM Bill O’Brien has said he would kneel for the national anthem and is known for his dramatic personnel moves. The Texans certainly don’t need another QB but could make hell of a statement by signing Kaepernick.

LA Chargers

Signing Kaepernick will come with plenty of media attention – both good and bad. Attention right now is something the Chargers could do with. After a lacklustre first season in LA and living in the shadows of their new housemates the Rams… The Chargers could do with a bit of attention.

Head coach Anthony Lynn has said Kaepernick is on their Radar, but will they make a move?


Unfortunately there’s a few teams that probably won’t touch Kaepernick, here’s who and why.


Let’s start with an easy one, the Redskins’ name has racial connotations. The word “Redskins” is heavily opposed by native american and civil rights organisations. There’s little to no chance Kaepernick plays for a team whose name can be seen to demean a minority.

New Orleans

Nope, not because of Drew Brees statement in support of the “flag”. Not because, after discussing with teammates and Shaquille O’Neal (seriously), Brees released another statement in support of people protesting. The Saints are sorted at quarterback: future hall of famer Brees the starter, former first round pick Jameis Winston as the “project” backup and 2nd round tendered Taysom Hill as a gadget do-it-all. No room at the inn sorry in New Orleans.

Kaepernick had success in Nevada in college, but probably isn’t going back to the Silver State.

Las Vegas

Jon Gruden loves quarterbacks, always has, always will. His infamous QB Camp was attended by the likes of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Gruden turning Kaepernicks’ playing career around, in Nevada, where Kaepernick played college football for the Wolf Pack, would be hell of a win for Gruden.

Similar to the Saints the Raiders are all set with Carr and highly paid back-up Marriota filing their QB room.

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