Who ya got? The CFL All-Decade team

Who ya got? The CFL All-Decade team
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The CFL has announced a fan led vote for an All-Decade team to recognise players in the league during the 2010’s.

You can’t blame them for trying something like this either. With no sign of a 2020 season on the horizon they need something to engage the fans. And a good debate is a great place to start.

We know here at Ninety-Nine Yards Towers that decade reviews can be very popular. Like our own reviews of number one draft picks & ranking the Grey Cup games of the decade.

So it makes sense for the CFL to do something of this ilk. Canadian broadcaster TSN is doing something similar. They have announced they will be naming all-time rosters for the nine CFL franchises as part of their CFL 2020 show.

Their first roster release, for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats has already proved popular. And generated some debate. Which is exactly the kind of traction the league will be looking for from their All-Decade team.

How the All-Decade team breaks down

Fans are being given the chance to vote for each position on the team. In fact voting has already begun. The opening votes are for Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs.

There are plenty to choose from here. As there are at every position. You can find a full list of nominees here.

Those picks will be broken down into a final team that will be built like this:

Head Coach (1)


Quarterback (1); Wide Receivers (5); Running Back (1); Centre (1); Offensive Tackle (2); Offensive Guard (2).


Defensive Ends (2); Defensive Tackles (2); Linebackers (3); Defensive Backs (4); Safety (1).

Special Teams

Punter (1); Kicker (1); Returner (1); Coverage (1).

Who ya got?

So the question for fans will be “Who ya got for the team?”. Will we see recency bias? Will one fan base dominate and push more of their favourites in?

As stated above, it’s all about generating interest and interaction. Which is why this is such a good idea for the league. Especially as they are spreading the voting from June to September and will be releasing the results in Autumn.

Are there any shoo-ins? It’s hard to say on a vote like this. As Marshall Ferguson so nicely broke it down recently, there will always be a personal element to these choices.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing who takes the Special Teams places here.

I think I’ll be voting for Rob Maver at punter – a 2 time CFL All-Star, 3 time Western All-Star and 2 time Grey Cup champion. Plus his career fits the decade like a glove. Playing from 2010-19 he punted 921 times for 41,429 yards. Maver had 84 career punts inside the opponents’ 10-yard line. He also had 131 career kickoffs for 7,691 yards. But others will have different opinions here, and it’s in these debates that the most fun can be found.

So, – who ya got? Let us know with a comment below.

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