Edmonton Eh – What will they be called?

Edmonton Eh – What will they be called?
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The Edmonton football team are getting closer to finding their new name. As we have seen that is because the Edmonton CFL team have decided to move away from their historical Eskimos nickname.

Now that we know that the name will change the focus is on what will it change to. Edmonton themselves have been running an online request for team name submissions. That resulted in over 13,000 submissions from fans so they have plenty to sift through. Including some sublimely ridiculous suggestions such as the Edmonton Escargot.

Last time we talked about this we noted a lot of people like Elk(s). Because it would retain the EE logo and because the team had this name briefly in 1922. (for one game in the regular season and in the playoffs – thanks for the historical knowledge @56Parkies). Well that is one name that cetainly got some support.

The Top Ten

The Edmonton Football Team have not revealed the exact amount of votes cast for each option they received.

However, they have released a top 10 which we can list, ‘in no particular order’ as they would say on a reality TV show. So here are the top ten suggestions:


One fan favourite is missing from that list. The choice Edmonton Empire has been left out. This is because team president and chief operating officer Chris Presson ruled the name Empire out.

He was cited on 3downnation as saying “I think it would be an issue. That’s the most prominent name we’ve been asked about thus far and I think that would be a challenging name for us to take on…I do think there is too much of a negative connotation around that for that to be our name.”

They need to get this re-brand right too. Because it’s estimated it’s going to cost the franchise over $1 million dollars for the new name.

Edmonton won’t necessarily take the most popular name

Edmonton won’t necessarily take the most popular name even with these 13,000 suggestions to choose from.

The fact that they didn’t want to run this as a name the team type scenario came from Presson in an interview with Edmonton TSN 160 Radio.

In the interview Presson notes, “We were quite surprised with the amount of names that we got in, and the submissions, and the overall interest.” As well as saying, “the name thing was for input from Edmonton, it’s not a popularity contest to see which name ranks first and that’s who we’re going to choose. It’s more about gathering information from the community because it’s their team, seeing what they want in a name and how can we tie it altogether in a story.”

Which means you cannot fault the Edmonton team for fan engagement on the new team name. But it does mean that they could walk away and pick something else entirely. To this point it is clear that the fans want to stay with the EE symbol and a related moniker.

So will they stick with EE – what will the new team name be? What will it be Edmonton Eh? It will be fascinating to see what they choose.

Banner Image: the iconic EE of the Edmonton Football team. Image from American Football International.

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