Second Wave: The CFL releases the 1960’s Grey Cup Games

Second Wave: The CFL releases the 1960’s Grey Cup Games
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1960’s Grey Cup Games released behind the CFL Portal

The CFL has released the second wave of ‘On Demand’ Portal games showcasing Grey Cup games from 1960 onwards.

Now that the Grey Cup Portal has opened up the 1960’s, this covers a run of games from the 48th Grey Cup (1960) up to the 57th Grey Cup (1969).

The CFL does a nice job of introducing these Grey Cup Portal games and giving a little background to each one here. This all follows on from the release of hightlights and full games covering the 1946-1959 period earlier this year.

The 1960’s Grey Cup Portal Games

The only current CFL cities not covered by this period are Toronto and Montreal. This is because the decade was dominated in the East by Hamilton and Ottawa who made 10 Grey Cup game appearances between them.

When the next wave is released, Montreal at least will feature much more prominently in the 1970’s.

The 1960’s Grey Cup portal games start and end with success for the Ottawa Rough Riders. Which also means we see great Canadian QB Russ Jackson leading the Rough Riders to 3 titles in the 1960’s. As well as one defeat in the 1966 Grey Cup game. A game that saw the Saskatchewan Roughriders win their first Grey Cup.

But ultimatley, he rode off into the sunset with an MVP performance in the last of the 1960’s Grey Cup portal games.

Fans of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats can enjoy seeing their team appear six times in this decade. Recording three wins (1963, 1965 & 1967) and 3 defeats (1961-2 & 1964). That includes the legendary Fog Bowl, and the BC Lions winning their first Grey Cup. BC would go on to have their longest title drought after this win. Meaning their win shown in these games would be all the more revered by their fans.

You can find the Grey Cup Portal here. It’s well worth a look if you have an interest in the history of American Football, not just the CFL.

Further instalments are set to follow. The next being on February 25th when the 1970-1979 games will be opened up behind the Portal. As we move into that decade we will start to see games in colour, giving them a more modern feel perhaps.

Banner Image: The 1961 Grey Cup game. Fog Bowl – Image from Pinterest.

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